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Korcula one of the top historic places rated by National Geographic Traveler

According to the National Geographic Traveler, Korcula is honoured as one of the top historic places in the world 🙂 .

This year’s survey was conducted by the National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations. As Korcula scored 74 points that was good enough for 22nd place among 109 destinations across the world.

This is what National Geographic writes about Korcula: Croatia: Korcula, Score: 74

“It is surely Korcula’s picturesque medieval character that attracts me, both in the old fortified town, where I stay, and in the countryside villages with the endless stone fences, vineyards, and olive orchards. Last year, a horrible new road complex and tourism development began scarring a significant central portion of the island, creating disrupting, dangerous chaos in linkages between the centuries-old farm tracks long enjoyed by visitors interested in adventurous hiking and nature.”

“A charming Venetian-type town well-embedded into the Dalmatian coastal landscape. Places of historical interest (Marco Polo’s birthplace).”

In the intorduction it added : In this, our fifth annual destination-stewardship survey, we look at how well historic destinations are withstanding mass tourism, neglect, and wrecking balls—as well as the more subtle threat of overplaying the past, where a place ends up embalmed as a lifeless museum or Disneyfied into a cute parody of its true heritage.

Have a look at the list here

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