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Korcula Hospitality Confirmed

I regularly read blogs and comments regarding travel around Korcula, as it gives me a good insight into visitor’s experiences of our Island.

Recently I found blog entry, written by Chris Thomas from New Zealand, who visited Korcula last November and who, despite some “technical” problems regarding travelling from Korcula to Dubrovnik, had a pretty positive impression about our hospitality.

This is the excerpt from his blog that talks about his experience of Korcula :

” From Hvar, the plan was to island hop down to Dubrovnik. Now, this was always going to be a challenging affair in the off-season, but it started promisingly enough, with the ferry turning up as expected and depositing us at Vela Luka, next to the bus to Korcula town on the island of the same name.

This is where the difficulties started. Firstly, the ferry terminal was a couple of km out of town. This slight problem was overcome by convincing the bus driver to run us out there, just in time for the ferry to Orebic.

At Orebic, things got progressively worse. The bus to Dubrovnik did not actually exist (until the next morning anyway). Faced with an unplanned stop in Orebic, we thought we would just grab a hotel and a bite to eat and head on down to Dubrovnik in the morning. However, the entire town was shut, including every restaurant, hotel and apartment.

We asked if they could help us at the information centre, where they quite accurately told us “no” they could not.

Wondering if a cold night on the beach was the next step, we ended up in a pub drinking with the locals. Several rounds later it turned out that a lady at the bar worked for the ferry company and knew someone in Korcula town that would “look after us”.

The fella was true to her word, and soon after catching the ferry back to the island we had negotiated to rent his mate’s apartment and for him to give us a lift to Dubrovnik in the morning – for less than a hotel and bus would have been. The major benefit of this arrangement was being able to travel when we wanted to, rather than needing to be at the bus station before 7 am the following morning!

So after a somewhat interesting trip, we arrived in Dubrovnik around 11 am the following day….”

I really enjoyed reading this entry and wanted to share it with the world 🙂

Also, I wish I know who was that anonymous guy who sorted out everything for Chris and his friends.

He deserves a drink!

Link to the Chris Thomas complete article is here

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