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About Kocje area - Protected Landscape

About Kocje:

Kocje, protected landscape locality of with interesting rock formations. This natural locality has always been absorbing the attention of local inhabitants of Žrnovo village as well as of visitors if they get the chance to see it and experience passing through its mystery stone mazes. The concentration of large rock in the area of about 10 000 m2 create impressive and unusual forms which tend to arouse the visitor’s imagination. Kocje is an unusual landscape that stands out adding a dose of mystery. There is also a weird theory by an Italian professor of physics and mathematics, which says that «airing of positive lines of magnetic force from space reflects only one point on the surface of planet Earth». According to her calculations, this point is Kocje (?!). Some archaeologists consider this location as an interesting one and would like to do some experimental excavations here, as they believe Kocje were inhabited by prehistoric man. Have a look of Kocje Video – 2-minute video shot around Kocje area.

Photos of Kocje

kocje14 kocje13

Enjoying the views

Climbing to the top

Large Rocks in Kocje


At the top


Colours of Kocje

Gaze in Kocje


Among the trees in Kocje

kocje2 kocje

Kocje location on the map : Latitude : 42° 54’map: (42.917°) Longitude: 16° 49′ 59″E (16.833°)

The area is Protected Landscape, from 1 January 1962 ( World Database on Protected Areas) – link is here: http://sea.unepwcmc.org/wdbpa/sitedetails.cfm?siteid=81159&level=nat )

Kocje related info: