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Klapa Moreska – Korculo, mili grade moj

While recently browsing through the old files hidden in furthest corners of my (currently dying) computer, I found an mp3 file of Klapa Moreska that I downloaded few years ago.

The file, created in 2008 by Sandro Bacic , a local guy who has his music studio in Korcula, features the song ‘Korculo, mili grade moj’ by Klapa Moreska , released in 1972 on A-side of their first single.

The song, whose title can be translated as ‘Korcula, my dear town’, is sang in traditional klapa singing manner – a harmonic multi tonal homophone singing, mostly love songs and stories about the lifes of fishermen and sailors.

The slightly modified file is now uploaded on Youtube for you to listen and enjoy.

Klapa Moreska was the oldest klapa singers from Korcula Town who performed from 1960’s until recently. In 2006 klapa celebrated its 40th anniversary (see photo)

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