Interview with Korcula based artist Edita Pecotic

This is an extract of interview with Korcula based artist Edita Pecotic (aka me), published on White Line Hotels site:
Korčula artist Edita Pecotic’s Temporary Internet Files are a testament to the beauty and tranquillity of the Croatian island.
The time-lapse videos are all shot from the same perspective with a heavenly view through the trees and over the sea. The files are meditations on the seasonal changes in Korčula, and as video works the medium nods at our contemporary perception of time. Watch the undulating water and changing sunlight of the most recent videos as a meditation, a reflection of Korčula’s winter tranquillity.’

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Korcula’s Lesic-Dimitri Palace is partner of the White Line Hotels group that claim:

  • We’ve found the individual places that have soul, created by local heroes and are, without a doubt, genuine.
  • Hotel star ratings, or how much money the hotel cost to create has little credence for us, it is rather more the soul or even the simplicity of the place.

Find out more about Lesic Dimitri Palace in Korcula and other White Line Hotels around the world..

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