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Indoor Swimming Pool

The Indoor Swimming Pool (Gradski bazen Gojko Arneri) offers swims to Korcula residents and visitors from September to June. The pool is also used by KPK, the local swimming and water polo club as their official pool.  It is large, over 33 meters long, so you will not be crashing into other people using the pool. This is an ideal place to use out of season (winter) for swimming and workout.

Gradski bazen Gojko Arneri

If you’re an occasional swimmer visiting Korcula in the off-season, or just fancy trying this lovely new pool, get there and enjoy the swim. Ticket price: 25 HRK per day; Working hours: daily (07:30-15:30). More details on the official website

swimming competition - indoor


A short video clip was taken on my first swim in the newly opened indoor swimming pool in Korcula 🙂

Historical Timeline:

Swimming Pool Gojko Arneri Korcula

September 2012The new indoor swimming pool, named after Gojko Arneri, the late water polo and swimming legend of Korcula, was finally opened in Korcula Town today (22.09.2012). The building works have commenced in late 2009 with a predicted investment value of 25 million Kuna. The actual value of the works, financed by the Croatia Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, City of Korcula as well as Dubrovnik-Neretva County, finally reached 40 million Hrk. Korcula has been waiting for an indoor swimming pool for more than 30 years, ever since 1978 when KPK water polo team won the water polo European Cup. The lovely, brand new pool fully meets current standards of competition in small pools measures 33 x 25 meters in size, and is fit to be used simultaneously for up to 400 people. (wow!)

November 2009 – Works start on new indoor swimming pool in Korcula – a new 40 million HRK public indoor swimming pool in Korcula is now underway and the new 33-meter, eight-lane indoor pool with 400 spectator places is expected to be finished by the end of 2010. The new Korcula swimming pool will be very much a facility for the local community as the majority of the new pool’s use is intended for public swimming, swimming lessons, and KPK water polo and swimming club usage. It will also benefit kids from local schools. The future new swimming pool will be located in the Sveti Anton suburb of Korcula Town.

October 2007 – Olympic size indoor swimming pool to be built in Korcula – According to the announcement of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, the construction of the new Olympic size indoor swimming pool in Korcula will start in 2008 and is expected to be finished by 2009. The total cost of the project is expected to be in the region of 25 million HRK. It will be partly financed by the Ministry, as well as by local and regional Governments.

This is indeed very exciting news for Korcula’s swimming and water polo community as well as for KPK – the local swimming and water polo club, which has been waiting for years to get this important indoor facility. To this date, water sports training in Korcula mainly takes place in the summer, in the open-air sea-water swimming pool in Borak. This new development means that training will also be able to take place in the winter, allowing for those involved in watersports to achieve the best possible results all year round.


Above: Pool location map