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Impressions of Korcula by Johanna from London UK

Impressions of Korcula by Johanna from London UK :

I spent 3 days in Korcula with my girlfriend in August. We took the boat from Split and arrived after 3 hours. The first sight of the island was a lovely contrast to the city-vibe of Split. The small, historic town of Korcula was surrounded by hills and beaches and had a really relaxing atmosphere. We enjoyed sitting in the cafes, drinking our afternoon cappuccinos and the cakes were totally delicious (very much recommended!). The best place (for afternoon cakes and music) we found was Bohemia, in a quiet street behind the boat taxi point. And it was also a good place to stop for a drink in the evening.

A word of warning. Be careful of the market traders in the centre of the town. It looks a very quaint market with stalls in a nicely arranged circle with lovely looking fruit. But with no prices displayed! This should have been a sign to us, but we were not being that streetwise and got totally ripped off. Just to let you know.

Otherwise, we had a lovely stay in nice apartments in the old town. We are sure to go back. (Johanna UK, 2006)


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