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Korcula Holiday Reviews


Below are some extracts from emails we received about holidaying in Korcula. Also, I add some extracts from good articles about Korcula, written by travel writers.If you would like to submit a Korcula holiday review, I would be grateful if you could email your review. Thank you 🙂

  1. Impressions from Korcula – by Johanna from London UK – click to read !


  • Just wanted to send my regards to everybody in Korcula – we had a fabulous time and would love to go back. (Oct 2005)


  • Just back from a very pleasant 2 weeks on Korcula. Your site provided useful information both before and after our visit. Having an informative website with lots of pictures to look at, and get a real feel for the place, was one of the reasons we choose Korcula, as we were able to get a good idea of what the island was like before booking.

Using your website we were able to get great information on which beaches were worth visiting, and we were able to escape the crowds on the small beaches near the old town. Without your site we’d never have found the lovely beaches near Racisce, or Pupnat Luka.

Plus the information about various places on the island to visit was helpful.

The current guidebooks to Croatia (lonely planet/brant etc) had loads of information about Dubrovnik, understandably, as it’s a world-class city, but the information about Korcula was limited to just the town and wasn’t even very accurate. So, with hindsite, we should have just printed off your website, and not bothered to buy the guidebooks.
I have a few suggestions, please take them as trying to be helpful, and not negative comments about your great site.
I’m sure you already know about the places I mention, but I’m just commenting on one places that I found were memorable.
It might be worth mentioning that parking is very limited at many of the beaches in high season, and although the beaches are never full, parking your car may be tricky. Certainly, parking was tight for us at Vela Luka and Pupnatska Luka.
The road that drops down from the coast road to Pupnatska Luka on the east side of the bay is in very bad repair, and is not really suitable for a car! We took a car down there, but wished we hadn’t! The road to the west is much better.
We drove down to a beach at U. Bacva which was really nice and had a small cafe. It’s signposted from the main road. The road down to the beach is reasonably well surfaced, but possibly the scariest drive I have ever done due to the tight bends and huge drops to the side.
The coast west of Brna is lovely! There seem to be lots of tourist facilities, but it’s not mentioned in any guidebook or website.
I took my mountain bike and was able to enjoy some world class mountain biking. However, the map of the island is not very good for showing offroad tracks and the few waymarked routes are not well marked. Despite this, I think that Korcula has some of the best ridings I have ever done. I’m sure there are loads of other people who would come to Korcula to bike, if only there were better informed about the routes available and better route marking on the ground. There’s big money
in mountain bike tourism, as a lot of Alpine resorts have discovered. I really enjoyed some loops around Lumbarda and Zrnovo, and the descent from Brdo to the north coast on the marked path was fantastic! Perhaps some details on your website about some suggested biking routes would be good and encourage people like me to take or rent a bike.
Some more information about the hiking trails, with some suggestions for marked routes to follow, would be great as well. I got to see some nice bits of the island by bike, but it would be nice to have some suggestions for places to hike to like Kocje, near Brdo Zrnovo.
We ate at two agritourism places in Croatia. One near Zrnovo called Ranch Maha, and one between Blato and Smokvica. Both were easily the best food we had in Croatia, and the second one was one of the best meals we have ever had.
A listing of agritourism business on the island would be nice, as if I ever came back, I’d be sure to look for them, as the food was fresh, brilliant quality and very good value. Although the food in the old town was not bad, the food at the agritourism places was just vastly better.

I would happily return to Croatia and Korcula in particular, as it’s one of the prettiest places I have ever been. Very few places in the world combine mountains and beaches in the way Croatia does.
Once again thanks for the website, and good luck for its future, regards, Dylan (Sept 2005)


  • Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our visit to Korcula and to thank you for arranging the accommodation!. Korcula is a very beautiful island, Hotel Park is in a great location and our hotel room had a fantastic view across the harbour! I am sure we will visit the island again in the future. I wonder if you could also pass on our thanks and best wishes to Kristi who works at a reception in Hotel Park, who was always very helpful and patient! Thanks again, Paul & Steven ( August 2004)


  • American in Korcula: Washington Post’s Staff Writer K.C. Summers wrote an article “Ferrily She Rolled Along” about his visit to Croatia. He also visited Korcula. Here is an extract from the article: It seemed impossible that Korcula would be crowded. The tiny island about 3 1/2 hours by ferry from Dubrovnik is known for its laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, and I was expecting peace and quiet. read more
  • Adriatic Petra – Korcula in Travel and Leasure Magazine : Travel and Leasure writer Peter Jon Lindberg wrote an article “Croat D’Azure” about his visit to Dalmatian coast. He also visited Korcula. Here is an extract from the article which describes his impressions of Korcula in which he called it “Adriatic Petra”: The sharp scent of pine resin mingles with salt air on Korcula, three hours by ferry from Dubrovnik. Forests of Aleppo pine, cypress, and holm oak make this one of the Adriatic’s most verdant isles. It’s known for top-notch wines and for being one of several alleged birthplaces of Marco Polo…. read more
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