Ferry Catamaran line Korcula – Hvar – Split – the highest growth in ferry traffic in Croatia

catamaran1.jpg According to the latest figures for 2006 announced today by The Agency for ferry transport of Croatia (Agencija za obalni linijski pomorski promet), the ferry catamaran line Korcula – Hvar – Split achieved the highest growth in ferry traffic in Croatia.

The official 2006 statistics for this ferry line shows growth of 28.2% in comparison to 2005, with the rest of the ferry lines way beyond this one.

Following this announcement, it is really good that we are getting a new vessel that will from May serve this line, as it will shurely improve comfort at this popular 3 hrs sail.

Thinking about this, I wonder which kind of statistics would we see if equivalet daily fast ferry line Dubrovnik-Mljet-Korcula was ever introduced ?!

I bet this would beat current figures.

However, it will probably never happened 🙁

The main reason for that, in my humble opinion, is the fact that connections between Dubrovnik, Mljet and Korcula makes loads of money to companies that for years (since communist times) run day trips from Dubrovnik to Korcula and Mljet, and vice-versa, charging rediculous sums for tickets.

Of course – it is not in their interest to kill the gold mine.

I trully hope I am wrong in saying this and that next year I will blog about brand new statistics…

C’mon Kalmeta, do something about this!

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