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Exhibitions: Rino Efendic – PRAXITEN @ Korcula + group exhibition Trans Adriatic Grey Area @ Pescara, Italy

grey) (area . space for contemporary and media art present

Rino Efendic: PRAXITEN / Summer school, winter  tears Korcula


Trans Adriatic Grey Area

Pescara, Italy

Rino Efendic:

PRAXITEN / Summer school, winter  tears

24 – 30 | 8 | 2012

opening: : 24 .8 , 21 – 23 h

curator: Darko Fritz

‘PRAXITEN / Summer school, winter  tears’ by Rino Efendic is audio ambient with yellow light, that making use of the radio interview with marxist philosopher Milana Kangrge (1923. – 2008.), one of founders of Praxis magazine and related Korcula Summer School. Work examine his ideas in the context of contemporary critique of consumeristic society.

grey) (area . contemporary and media art space

gallery: Trg Sv. Justine 2 , 3rd fl., Korcula, Croatia

Trans Adriatic Grey Area

curator: Darko Fritz

part of the LAMPO Project

25 . 08 – 24 . 09 | 2012

D’Annunzio Room, Aurum, Pescara, Italy


artists / works:

Darko Fritz (Croatia / Netherlands): 204 NO CONTENT . http://www.lampo.info/204-no-content/

Hrvoje Hirsl (Croatia): Reversible (Le temps detruit tout) . http://www.lampo.info/reversible-le-temps-detruit-tout/

jaromil (Italy / Netherlands): ASCII Shell Forkbomb . http://www.lampo.info/ascii-shell-forkbomb/

Ivan Marusic Klif (Croatia): Synchronicity  . http://www.lampo.info/synchronicity/

Thomson and Craighead (UK): The Time Machine in alphabetical order . http://www.lampo.info/the-time-machine-in-alphabetical-order/

Luigi Pagliarini (Italy): RAS  (Robot Ars Soccer) .

Edita Pecotic (Croatia / UK): Temporary Internet Files  / Temporary Internet Files2 . http://www.lampo.info/temporary-internet-files/

Davor Sanvincenti (Croatia): 1 0 0 1 revisited . http://www.lampo.info/1-0-0-1-revisited/


LAMPO Net&Contemporary Art Exhibition

curators: Lucia Zappacosta / White Project / Contemporary

Tobias Bernstrup (Sweden): Tonight Live, video Bianco-Valente (Italy): Elenco Catodo (Italy): TweetJukebox / Iteration F.A.T. (Net): Free Universal Construction Kit Matteo Giordano (Italy / Germany): 20010, video Jay Artwork (aka Dj Batman) (Italy): ExPorn Jukuki (Italy): Retweet, video Luca Lo Coco (Italy): Graffiti Net Art Miltos Manetas (Spain): Tiramolla Carsten Nicolai (Germany): Future, Past, Perfect pt.o3 (u_08-1), video Debra Solomon (USA, Netherlands): Plantguilds Rita Soccio (Italy): Adamo/Eva Simone Zaccagnini (Italy / Germany): Performance #2 @Grey Night

The exhibition LAMPO | Net & Contemporary Exhibition takes its place as a parallel event to MOCA2012, a Hacker International Camp.


24 25 26 August


opening: Grey Night Party, 25. 8 . 2012, 00 – 02 h

Performance #1: Catodo: live coding sa Commodore 128 / DJ Batman / The Dromer / Globster Performance #2: Hanibal Performance #3: Pulsating Humanity – Live Visuals & Ultra Low Frequency Sound: Nexus, Simone Zaccagnini

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