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Edita Pecotic: Moreska

Video ‘Moreska’ by Edita Pecotic at Siva Zona in Korcula: every evening from 4th to 9th of July 2008.

See some photos from the opening evening:

editapecotic-moreska20 editapecotic-moreska1 editapecotic-moreska2 editapecotic-moreska3 editapecotic-moreska4 editapecotic-moreska5 editapecotic-moreska6 editapecotic-moreska7 editapecotic-moreska8 editapecotic-moreska9 editapecotic-moreska10 editapecotic-moreska11 editapecotic-moreska12 editapecotic-moreska13 editapecotic-moreska14 editapecotic-moreska15 editapecotic-moreska16 editapecotic-moreska17 editapecotic-moreska18 editapecotic-moreska19

+ clip from Edita Pecotic ‘Moreska’ video

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