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Dog Friendly Beaches in Korcula


Visiting Korcula with your dog and wondering which beaches on the Island are dog friendly?

There is no beach on the island that is specifically designated for dogs, however, you can find a lot of places where dogs and their walk mates are allowed to run, swim and play – yes even in the summer and yes, even in towns and villages. Some of the Island’s beaches have restrictions on dogs at certain times of the year ie summer (regulated by local gov. regulations)

In the full season (summer) try to avoid the beaches that are full of people (as not everyone likes to be swimming or sharing their beach with a dog)

If you choose early morning or very late afternoon, most of the beaches would be almost deserted. This is the best time to bring your dog to the beach for a swim, making sure you don’t invade other swimmers’ and sunbathers’ personal spaces. Sometimes, even midday is a good idea as due to high temperatures, people choose to spend that part of the day in the shade, away from the beach.

If you apply common sense it may not be a challenge finding a beach in Korcula where your canine friend can accompany you.

Above photo: Dogs swimming on the beach in the very center of Korcula town + check also this lovely dog on Vela Przina beach

Some more photos of Dogs on the beach in Korcula