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Cycling Routes around Smokvica

cycling-smokvica-tarmac-road1If you are keen cyclist you will easily find numerous cycling routes around village of Smokvica and it surrounding vineyards and countryside.

Most of the routes will take you through the picturesque hills, country lanes, vineyards and olive groves to nearby bays for short swim or meal break. Some routes offer truly beautiful views over the hills of the Island all the way towards Lastovo, Hvar or Peljesac.

The best time to enjoy cycling along these routes is obviously in spring or autumn as temperatures are not as high (hot) as in the summer and weather is still nice to enjoy outdoors.

Note – left photo shows the average type of road / lanes around Smokvica. If you don’t have your own bike, check renting a bike page where you can do an online booking for bicycles.

Map of cycling routes around Smokvica:


Map of cycling routes around Smokvica – click to see the large one

+ check map of this part of the island for additional details

Details of cycling routes around Smokvica:

On below graphs and map you can see info for four main cycling routes around Smokvica:

Cycling Route 1Smokvica via bay of Zavalatica passing near Cara and back to  Smokvica – the total route length is about 17 km:


Cycling Route 2Smokvica to Brna bay via Stavoine area and back to Smokvica – the total route length is about 17 km:


Cycling Route 3 – Smokvica to Minca Bor via Gornji Lov back to Smokvica – the total route length is about 8 km:


Cycling Route 4 – Smokvica via Bilostrma to Babina bay and back to  Smokvica – the total route length is about 29 km – a pretty demanding route involving a lot of hard work 😉