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Film: Crni Biseri

Film “Crni Biseri” (Black Pearls) :

Film Crni Biseri’ was shot on various Korcula locations. Main location for film was Badija, small island in Korcula archipelago, where Franciscan monastery was used as main location for this film.

Film ‘ Crni Biseri’ follows the story of school teacher in young offenders institution, isolated on small island (Badija) who tries to create positive environment for his disadvantaged students and after lot of trouble, eventually succeeds in achieving it.

This is what Hal Erickson of All Movie Guide says abour Crni Biseri: ‘ This Yugoslavian social drama deals with juvenile delinquency. The titular “Black Pearls” are a group of male reform school inmates, considered beyond redemption by the school authorities. Tensions mount to a fever pitch, culminating in a school revolt.

A tragedy is averted by the intervention of an idealistic teacher, who is convinced that he can “reach” the kids-and, perhaps because he is a staunch advocate of the Tito regime, he is successful. Clearly inspired by such Hollywood efforts as The Blackboard Jungle, Crni Biseri was one of the more upbeat entries in Yugoslavia’s 1958 Pula Film Festival. ‘

A lot of local people were working on this film as extras having great fun doing it 🙂

Some excerpts from the film:

Film Poster: Crni Biseri, 1958

Film Poster: Crni Biseri, 1958

  • Director: Toma Janjic; Scenario: Jug Grizelj; Music: Bojan Adamic
  • Camera: Eduard Bogdanic Color : Black & White
  • Time: 99 min Release: 1958
  • actors: Severin Bjelic, Milan Ajvaz, Branislav Miladinovic, Franjo Tuma, Luja Vetma, Mihajlo Viktorovic

Film “Crni Biseri” is considered to be among most important films coming form former Yugoslavia.

My collection of favoritestills from film Crni Biseri:

Myfavouriteclips from the film: