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Cool club playing Seventies music – Korcula review

telegraph article

In today’s Telegraph, sailing in the Dalmatian Islands off the Croatian coast was described in the article titled Sailing in Croatia: 1001 Dalmatians’.

Korcula was also noted in the article as ‘party island which lived up to our teenagers’ expectations’.

To my surprise, the writer went even further by saying  that  ‘in Korcula they (teenagers) found a cool club playing Seventies music‘ !

I am delighted as this is the first time that somebody has written something positive about night life in Korcula.

Just to remind you of the note published few years ago in the Rough Guide to Croatia, where nightlife in Korcula was described as follows:

‘Drinking in Korcula is quite animated during the day.  At night, however, Korcula becomes Snorcula – there is an almost total lack of decent bar in Old Town, and the string of flashy places just behind the bus station are curiously joyless bunch …”

So, well done ‘cool club playing Seventies music’ (is that Gaudi club?),  you made my day!

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