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Concretely Immaterial – Exhibitions in Korcula and Scotland

HICA, the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art, Inverness-shire, Scotland and grey) (area . space of contemporary and media art, Korcula, Croatia presents:

Concretely Immaterial

25 July – 11 September, 2011

This collaborative project will form an exhibition in two parts, showing at grey) (area space of contemporary and media art, Korcula, Croatia, from 25th July – 7th August, and HICA, the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art, Inverness-shire, Scotland, from 14th August – 11th September.

Artists showing at grey) (area will be Eloi Puig (Spain), Thomson and Craighead (UK) and Geoff Lucas (UK). Artists showing at HICA will be Samuel Cepeda (Mexico), Nina Czegledy (Canada)/ Marcus Neustetter (South-Africa), Darko Fritz (Croatia / Netherlands), Andreja Kuluncic (Croatia), Edita Pecotic (Croatia / UK), Transfer (Croatia) and Goran Trbuljak (Croatia).

The exhibition explores the possible physical nature of thought and the virtual’. Virtual states and processes are variously employed in the artworks, especially through computer technology, though, in line with the title, Concretely Immaterial, the exhibition proposes these processes, as well as such things as the works’ effects in the spaces of the galleries, and the experience of the viewers, as substantial and real. This sense is perhaps exemplified by Darko Fritz’ presentation of the Internet error-message 204_NO_CONTENT.

The collaborative form of the exhibition provides a framework for this exploration, as both galleries are at some distance from each other, and occupy what might be considered remote locations; viewers, it is expected, will experience the exhibition at least partly through technology or their imaginations.

The relation of physicality and thought is also explored in the works themselves: Samuel Cepeda’s Clouds have no Nation parallels our knowledge of reality with the physical nature of clouds, a nature which science has difficulty in determining.

Edita Pecotic’s Temporary Internet Files are time-lapse videos of a transforming landscape that display various layers of information, both real and virtual.

Nina Czegledy and Marcus Neustetter’s book project, Visual Collider, refers to the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator and the quantum effects it aimed to observe: analogous reactions are created for the viewer, prompting uncertain responses through juxtaposed imagery.

Time, as an essential aspect of this relation, is emphasized in works such as Andreja Kuluncic’s examination of the people of Korcula’s changing attitude to their city through history,or Geoff Lucas’ work, an animated text considering the paintings of Jackson Pollock and the concretization of individual actions in time and space.

The exhibition has been curated by Darko Fritz and HICA.

Concretely Immaterial, at HICA, has been supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.

It will run at the Korcula Town Museum from 25 July – 7 August, and HICA, Inverness-shire, Scotland, from 14 August – 11 September.

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