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Churches in Korcula

Velika Crkva, Korcula

St Mark’s Cathedral

Churches in Korcula Old Town

  1. St Michael’s Church (Crkva Svetog Mihovila) – This church is located opposite of the Town Hall, first ever mentioned in documents in 1408 and restored in 1615 when it actually got its Baroque appearance. Inside the church, there is a Renaissance pulpit and the painting on the Baroque marble altar is a work by Domenico Maggiotto from the 18th century… read more
  2. All Saints Church (Crkva Svi Sveti) – it dates from the beginning of the 15th century. Later restored. It has the coffered ceiling painted by Tripo Kokolja around 1713. The polyptych of Our Lady the by Blaz Jurjev Trogiranin (1438-1439) is a truly amazing piece of art by the famous 15th-century dalmatian author… read more
  3. St Peter’s Church (Crkva Svetog Petra) – This small Gothic church, dating from 14th century, is located on the small square next to the Cathedral. On its facade, there is a St Peter’s relief made by Bonino from Milano. The tiny little square, adjacent to main Pijaca square, is often used by the local artist, musicians and poets for live performances… read more
  4. Church of Our Lady (Crkva Gospojina): this church is located just off the main Korcula Old Town’s square Pjaceta, on the western side of the square. Currently, it’s interior serves as a fine art gallery. On the western side of the square, there is Crkva Gospojina (Church of Our Lady) from 1483, the Renaissance work of the local builders, where the tombs of the historical Korcula families are situated as well as the tomb of the defender from Turkish assault, the priest Rozanovic. read more
  5. Church Chapel Crkva Navjestenja (Blagovijesti) (Annunciation Church) – Located in the northwest part of the Old Town, this small church dates from 16th century. The chapel belonged to the noble Dolfin family. Their family crest is visible on the exterior wall as well as crests of families Medin and Kanavelic.
  6. Church Saint Roch or Rocco (Kapela Sveti Rok) – is situated next to the Cathedral on the mains Town’s square. The altar of St. Rok is located on the eastern wall of the Chapel. It is raised above a marble staircase, constructed of colourful marble in 1767. This is the largest altar in the Church. In its niches are three large wooden statues: St. Rok, Kuzma, and Damjan, while a bust of Our Lady of Health is on top of the altar..read more
  7. St. Catherine’s Church – This Church got its current shape following reconstruction in the 16th century. It is located on the street next to the southern town walls. It used to be owned by the Kapor family who had a large palace and gardens nearby..read more
  8. Church Sveta Barbara: Small church located behind Hotel Korcula that is currently serving local Christian Orthodox community. This church was originally built as the Church of the Holy Trinity in the 15th century and received its Baroque appearance in the 17th century. Its name was changed later to the Church of Sveta Barbara. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was sold to the Orthodox Church.
  9. Church Kapela Gospe od Snijega: The Chapel is situated in the Renaissance cloister constructed at the beginning of the 16th century next to the Town Hall building. It was renovated during the first half of the 20th century when large wrought iron doors were added to the Chapel. At the altar, there is a small painting of the Mother of God – an average piece celebrating the Madonna.
  10. Church of St. Orsole (Ursula) was located in the northeastern part of the city at the end of the street line. It was reconstructed in the 19th century as a dwelling house that still marks the traces of earlier purpose.

Crkva Navjestenja (Blagovijesti)? (Annunciation Church)

Out of the Old Town:

  1. St Justine Church (Crkva Svete Justine) is located at a small, hidden square of Sveta Justina, right up to the 10 to 15 steps from Plokata – Korcula’s main square. This church of neo-classicism style was built in second half of the 19th century as unusual eight-sided building on the top of which there are a cupola and bell…. read more about Sveta Justina church
  2. Mandrac and stretch of coast near Sveti NIkola Monastery, Korcula - late SpringSt Nicholas church and a monastery – located on the very end of Put Svetog Nikole – a west-side sea promenade. The church is built as a two-nave church. The older nave was finished at around 1505 and reconstructed again in 1665. The right nave features the altar painting The Martyrdom of St. Peter the Martyr (old copy of Titian’s painting), while the new nave houses the Baroque altar of Sveti Nikola from 1629…. read more about Sveti Nikola
  3. South facade of St Antony's church, KorculaSt Antony’s Church (Crkva Svetog Antuna): located at Glavica Sveton Antuna Hill, about 25 minutes pleasant walk from Korcula Old Town. Sv Antun (St Anthony) church is nice little church dedicated to St Anthony of Padua, a Catholic saint who was born in Lisbon to a wealthy family and who died in Padua, Italy. . .. more about Sveti Antun church
  4. Front facade of Franciscan Monastery - BadijaThe Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Crkva Gospe od Milosti): an old Franciscan monastery and church on Badija islet, built in 1392 on the site of an earlier one, and it was enlarged in this century. Next to the church and the chapel of Saint Cross with its Baroque altar by Giorgio Masario (18th century) are the Gothic cloisters with arcades from 1475. There is a small dwelling house next to the monastery, and shelter for monastery boats in its cellar…. read more about Badija Monastery

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Careful study of the Town’s floor plan reveals that churches are located towards specific ideas: Sv. Mihovil opposite the City Hall on the square at the entrance to the city; All the Saints in the southeastern part along the walls are almost counterbalanced by the Prince’s yard in the same line on the southwest side. Sv. Peter is north-east behind the Cathedral, and both buildings are directed to the area of smaller squares.

Other churches and chapels fit into the individual streets. These are Sv. Katarina, Sv. Orsola, Sv. Barbara and Annunciation. A special place for the role that it had in the history of the city, a small chapel of the Lady of Snow is in the open porch in front of the Town Hall.

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Other Churches on Korcula island: