Webmistress Broken Leg – Summer 2005 Korcula

smiley1There was not a lot activities on this website in last few weeks. The reason for that is I broke my leg on 13.07.05, trying to jump into the boat 🙁

So instead having a great time this summer in Korcula, I ended up having a great time for a week in Dubrovnik hospital and next 7 weeks in plaster, sitting on the wall in front of my house, across the road of Sveti Nikola church or in Korcula cafes watching the world go by..

I tried to find a right solution for accommodating my broken leg at the same time while using my laptop, but due to weird ergonomics of my laptop ( not adjusted for broken legs) I gave up very quickly.

So, summer 2005 was not the greatest for me, but it was really nice and vibrant summer in Korcula generally, especially in the Old Town, with all those new cafes and restaurants with sophisticated crowd of people from all around the world.

We had some brief spells of unpredictable weather and some dramatic storms too, but for most of the summer the weather was just right for swimming and enjoying and not so hot at all.

My best discovery this summer was a nice little cottage/ restaurant positioned on the southern slopes of Island Korcula, in the area called Defora, where Zeljko and his team of 2 people and a lovely black cat ( with a white spot below his chin) prepared most delicious meal for group of my friends and me.

The breathtaking views from cottage veranda was definitely the highlight of my summer…. About that hidden spot I will write later ….

Thanks Zeljko, see you soon again….

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