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Views over Baretica from Badija
Views over Baretica from Badija

Baretica is one of the tiniest islands in the Archipelago. The island got its name after “tiny hat” aka ‘mala kapa’ in Croatian, which is translated in local dialect is ‘baretica’. The name reflects the size and shape of the islet.

Some people also call it “Three Hears” (Tri Dlake) but it is not its official name, I would say it is a nickname. This nickname is derived from the fact that the islet used to feature just three small pine trees and hardly any shrubs or other vegetation, hence the nickname.

Nowadays, Baretica’s pine trees are fully grown and bushes are large enough that you can comfortably sit in the shade and cool down in the hot summer afternoons.

The island is situated right between Badija and Planjak.

Popular with locals as a day trip destination, this is the place where you can be very close to Badija (using its facilities such as buying drinks, ice cream, or food in the restaurant) but still be far enough away from the crowds.

Note – If you are visiting, make sure you get good walking shoes or walking sandals as rocks here are very sharp and spiky.

Views from the southern shore of the island
Views from the southern shore of the island – this is a popular spot where several local schooners stop by for swimming sessions

Getting here

Getting there by water taxi
Getting there by water taxi is the most comfortable and carefree way to visit this tiny island

No public transport is available. The easiest option is to get a hop-on hop-off water taxi that goes from Korcula Old Town, Vrnik, or Lumbarda to Badija and ask for a stopover to get you off at Baretica. The alternative is to either hire a boat or get a kayak. If you choose any other option than a water taxi, make sure you check the weather first!

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