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Badija Through History

Photo Collection – Badija Through History:

Here is selection of photos and prints of Badija from the early times. These images include several Convento della Badia prints from early 1900s (note – at the time Badija was called Badia as well as Badi – an Italian version of the name) . As you can see, the Monastery changes during the period 1900 to 1930s – at the beginning the Monastery had just one dormer (in 1900s) in 1910 second dormer was added and in 1920’s both dormers were joined together into the new (3rd) floor. The extension of the monastery at the time was due to establishment of grammar school that was in operation at the time on the Island (more about history of Badija) . This photo of Badija’s surroundings is probably the earliest photo of the area. The photos are set chronologically.

More historical photos of Badija are also on the Franciscan Cloister page . See more info about Korcula’s architecture