A small island in Korcula Archipelago that features 14th century Franciscan Monastery, some nice beaches and swimming spots as well as a good walks to the top of the hill with great views.

It is the one of the largest island in the Archipelago situated on the east side of Korcula Old Town , about 15 minutes taxi boat ride from Korcula’s harbour. (see detailed schedule here)

The Island covers the area of about one square km and is covered by dense true maquis vegetation, pine and cypress trees. There is a tarmac path around the whole Island great for some walking or mountain biking offering nice views and several handy swimming spots.

Historically, the island was first mentioned in 14th century in some letters sent by the priest Vlaho Ivanovic from Korcula, who lived here as a monk in the Monastery. Some stone monuments found on the island are proof that Romans were also here long before.

Badija - island and monastery

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