Korcula Town Walls and Towers

Korcula Old Town - drawing from 18th centuryTOWN WALLS AND TOWERS - The whole of the Korcula Old Town is surrounded by 14th century thick stone walls and towers, used at the time as a defense against passing-by enemies. On the North end of the Old Town is tower called Barbarigo (also called Kanavelic Tower), built in 1488 as well as Tiepolo tower, built on the end of 15th century.

On the South side of the Korcula Old Town is tower Balbi built in 1483 and Cappelo from 1493 . These towers were part of fortification of total of 12 towers by which Korcula was surrounded in the middle ages.

At that time, Korcula's east and west pier didn't exist so towers and walls were rising from the sea, which must be quite dramatic and un-welcoming for various passing-by pirates and enemy ships .

There are two main entrances in the Old Town: South side entrance called Land Gate (Kopnena Vrata) from 1650's, that leads trough Tower Revelin, a monumental tower of a quadrangular ground-plan (1493-1496) into the Old Town. The west side entrance called Sea Gate (Primorska Vrata) with entrance in the Old Town through a neo-Baroque stairway (1907) that leads from the harbour along the open loggia from 1584 (currently used as local Tourist Office) to the town.

Photo gallery of Korcula towers

Photo gallery of Korcula towers

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Zakrjan Tower Sea Gate in Korcula