Palaces in Korcula Old Town

Palaca Arneri KorculaPALACES in Korcula - Once in the Korcula Old Town, you immediately recognize the Venetian architectural influence.The Old town, which huddles around the Cathedral of St Mark has various gothic, renaissance and baroque palaces which used to belong to Korcula old aristocrats Arneri, Kapor, Boschi, Ismaeli, Gabrielis, Kanavelic, Spanic, Kapor...

Opposite of the Cathedral Sv.Marko is the Arneri palace, built in the ornate gothic style, with a nice renaissance / baroque cloister and gothic facade which faces western side street. This palace is currently being reconstructed into gallery space.Palace Arneri, which is being renovated from 1988-1996, will be the home to the gallery of one of the greatest Croatian sculptors, Frano Krsinic, born in Lumbarda (1897-1982). Beside the artistically valuable courtyard of the palace Arneri, the windows and the wall of the same palace in the south street are decorated with inticate building and sculpturing details.

Next to it is the Ismaeli Gabrielis palace, built in renaissance style from 16th century, currently (from 1957) used as Town Museum that displays various exhibits related to shipbuilding, seafaring and stone-masonry of Korcula, as well as an art gallery.

On the small square Trg Antuna i Stjepana Radica there is a Municipal Hall where ground floor with arcades was built in 1525 while the first floor is added to it in 1866. In front of this building there is a pillar, erected in 1569.

The Korcula Town Museum is situated in the palace Gabrielis, one of the most beautiful Korcula palaces, in the Renaissance style from the 16th century. From the palace Gabrielis towards the sea, there is the palace Ismaelis from the 16th century with beautiful courtyard.

Ismaeli Palace in Korcula

Ismaeli Palace in Korcula


BISHOP'S PALACE and TREASURY:Renaissance building from 17th century is positioned right next to Cathedral. It faces main square with large balcony on it's facade which is considered to be one of the longest balconies in the Mediterranean.

It used to be Palace of Bishop of Korcula, as Korcula was the diocesan seat from 1300 to 1828. Inside the building, there is a Treasury collection of various exhibits from Korcula's history including polyptych by Blaz Jurjev Trogiranin from 1431.

Lesic Dimitri Palace - is Korcula Palace that is meticulously reconstructed into a high-end apart-hotel, restaurant and spa, Lesic Dimitri Ltd aims to create a new tourist offering in Korcula Town , which will enrich the island’s current provision and, hopefully, help to attract an increased number of affluent visitors... read more about Lesic Dimitri Palace in Korcula

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