Other interesting Buildings in Korcula

Pillar at Pjaceta - Korcula Old Town main squarePillars: There are several decorative pillars around Korcula Old Town (see photo on the left) dating back from 16th century. One is located on the Pjaceta, Korcula Old Town's main square. Other one is located in front of Korcula Town Hall. These pillars are decorative as well as flagpoles too.

They include carvings of some Korcula's old family arms. These pillars are much smaller than Venice ones, but serve similar purpose - town's decoration.

Loggia - Loza : This small building at the western harbor of Korcula Old Town, next to Sea Gate entrance to the Old Town, under main town walls, was built in 1548 as a place for passers - by to sit and rest, as well as a shelter from a bad weather. Loggia has one wall only, part of town' s main walls, as well as 12 columns that support loggia's roof.

For years, this loggia served as waiting place for ferry passengers, but back in 1980's large glass panels were added around the columns to adopt loggia for other use - it became local tourist information office.

Carvings of some Korcula's old family armsEnglish Piazzeta: This is a small semi-circular paved terrace with stone benches and pillars that is located on the eastern side of Korcula Town,short walk from the Old Town in the near vicinity of Banje Beach and Korcula Hotels. It was built in 19th century by Admiral Peter Lowen, during a brief British rule of Korcula, together with Forteca ( tower above the town). English Piazzeta serves today as cafe's terrace where one can sit and enjoy al fresco cocktails.

Korcula's Graveyard: A short walk along Pelavi Mir steps will bring you at Graveyard Sveti Luka, Korcul grow up so much that it was not any more possible to burry people at the vaults of town's churches. Newest part of the graveyard was built in early 1980's.

The old part of the graveyard is surrounded by stone wall and has a small chapel built at the same time. There are some interesting tombs and tombstones, as well as couple of stone-made sarcophagi belonging to well off Korcula's families.

Korcula- FortecaForteca (pronounced Fortezza) - This is the English tower Fort Wellington that was built in 1813 on the place of the Venetian fortification of the open type from 1616. It is located on the hill above Korcula Old Town, about 20 minutes walk along the steps from Plokata - the main square. This building is currently deserted and is dangerous to climb the staircace inside the tower, as they are old and unreliable. Forteca tower is also devastated by horrible mobile phone network cables and transmitting masts that are placed there by Croatian mobile phone company. We hope these masts will be soon removed and tower will get new staircase, as this is a very nice Korcula panorama spot and it is shame we can not use it more effectively. Related links Photos of Korcula Old Town details and Photos Korcula Old Town

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