New Agreement about Peljesac Bridge

According to Hina, the Croatian News Agency , governments of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are close to achieving final agreement about technical specification of future Peljesac Bridge.

Peljesac Bridge (Most Peljesac – kopno) is going to be 55 meters high, 20 meters wide, with length of about 2300 meters. This kind of specification will allow smooth traffic beneath of bridge and uninterrupted access to Bosnian waters.

The bridge is going to be fixed / not bascule  as stated earlier , with 4 traffic tracks, two for each direction.

So now, instead of 35m high bridge, we are getting 55 meters one – no any info yet about additional costs 🙂

The works are expected to start during summer 2007.

More about Pelješac Bridge

2 Responses to “New Agreement about Peljesac Bridge”

  • Istvan Pavkovic on January 19th, 2007 9:19 pm

    Cheers/Zijveli !!
    The NEW bridge should be a great benefit to the entire P-peninsula !! Especially,the new Illyrian cave-shrine @ Nakovana above Orebic & Grgic Vin @ Trstenik.Overall,it will make the whole area accessible to all !!
    Gotta get there by 2008 !!

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