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  • Art and Artists in Korcula - pages about various art galleries, some art and artists that live and/ or work on Korcula Island.
  • Architecture - pages about architecture on the island. Includes pages of architecture of Korcula Old Town .
  • Photos Korcula - initial, first photo collection of Korcula, created in 2004.
  • Photo Gallery of Korcula - dynamic photo gallery with various photo albums of Korcula - ongoing project, photos added almost daily.
  • Korcula Old Photos - initial collection of Korcula Old Photos. Photos collected later are added in new Korcula Old Photos gallery
  • Various Videos - collection of short videos shot at various locations around Korcula
  • Webcam Korcula - live Korcula web cam, showing live picture of Korcula's Peljesac Channel
  • Web Exhibition: Korcula Sunsets - 'Temporary (Internet) Files 2' is a series of time lapse videos that display seasonal transformations of a landscape. Each video last for 45 seconds and is made of a series of 100 still photos, collected via temporary internet files folder, from the online accessible webcam. The videos act as a form of meditation and contemplation on time and the corresponding notion of duration, as well as being a personal diary. By using contemporary technological resources, the work also makes a reference to the perception of time in modern culture. This work is continuation of previous 'Temporary (Internet) Files' project.
  • Film and Cinemas in Korcula - page about film that is shot on locations around Korcula and some info about cinemas in the town.
  • Korcula Today Archive Pages - for a year we run kind of photo blog about Korcula. So daily photo from Korcula was uploaded at these pages. After a year, we got bit tired of that and stopped. Still, it is a nice photo archive of Korcula (2006/07) to browse.

Latest photos and videos from Korcula:





Views over Pupnatska Luka
Views over Pupnatska Luka, May 2013

Korcula this afternoon
Korcula this afternoon –

Rainbow in Korcula Today
Rainbow in Korcula today – lovely photo + another lovely photo of today’s rainbow taken from different angle : + see more weather in korcula photos here

Infinity (Yesterday)
Infinity – yesterday

MS Queen Victoria Cruise Ship in Korcula Today
MS Queen Victoria Cruise Ship in Korcula Today

Views from Sveti Staš
I took this photo today in the late afternoon from the Sveti Staš hill in vicinity of Zrnovo where I went for a afternoon walk. The photo shows green slopes of the Island, Korcula Channel as well as a Mljet island in the background.  Sveti [&hellip

Video: Sunny Summer Afternoon in Korcula
A short video clip of sunny summer afternoon in Korcula Town. Shot in July

Video: Bell Tower of St Mark’s Cathedral in Korcula
Video clip of bell tower & St Mark’s Cathedral - the finest building in Korcula – viewed from hilly position of Novi Puti @ 7 pm (19:00) See other posts tagged St Mark’s Cathedral

Video: Windsurfers in Korcula
Short video clip of summer afternoon with windsurfers – shot @ Puntin in Korcula Town , Peljesac channel (July 2013) See more info about windsurfing in Korcula here

Video: Samograd Beach and Bay
Short video clip of Samograd Beach and Bay in vicinity of Racisce @ Korcula island. Shot in July 2013. To see photos from the beach click here To browse other beaches on the island click here

Feeding young in Korcula – sharing the duties equally
I took this video clip of swallows feeding their young chicks (and sharing the duties equally) in Korcula Old Town, in June 2013. This swallow’s nest is in  Knežev prolaz street  (see location on the map) right behind Velika and Mala Knezeva [&hellip

(Video: Watch this video on the post page)

(Video: Watch this video on the post page)

(Video: Watch this video on the post page)

(Video: Watch this video on the post page)

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