Korcula visually

  • Art and Artists in Korcula – pages about various art galleries, some art and artists that live and/ or work on Korcula Island.
  • Architecture – pages about architecture on the island. Includes pages of architecture of Korcula Old Town .
  • Photos Korcula – initial, first photo collection of Korcula, created in 2004 and updating daily
  • Photo Gallery of Korcula – dynamic photo gallery with various photo albums of Korcula – ongoing project, photos added almost daily.
  • Korcula Old Photos – initial collection of Korcula Old Photos. Photos collected later are added in new Korcula Old Photos gallery
  • Various Videos – collection of short videos shot at various locations around Korcula
  • Webcam Korcula – live Korcula web cam, showing live picture of Korcula’s Peljesac Channel
  • Web Exhibition: Korcula Sunsets – ‘Temporary (Internet) Files 2’ is a series of time lapse videos that display seasonal transformations of a landscape. Each video last for 45 seconds and is made of a series of 100 still photos, collected via temporary internet files folder, from the online accessible webcam. The videos act as a form of meditation and contemplation on time and the corresponding notion of duration, as well as being a personal diary. By using contemporary technological resources, the work also makes a reference to the perception of time in modern culture. This work is continuation of previous ‘Temporary (Internet) Files’ project.
  • Film and Cinemas in Korcula – page about film that is shot on locations around Korcula and some info about cinemas in the town.
  • Korcula Today Archive Pages – for a year we run kind of photo blog about Korcula. So daily photo from Korcula was uploaded at these pages. After a year, we got bit tired of that and stopped. Still, it is a nice photo archive of Korcula (2006/07) to browse.

Latest photos and videos from Korcula: