Video : Siloko / Jugo wind at Vela Przina Beach

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This 30 seconds video is shooted at Vela Przina Beach, in near vicinity of Lumbarda in December 2009, while Jugo / Siloko wind was blowing.

Siloko / Jugo is a southwestern wind of moderate strength that blows from the sea towards the coast, and is present along the entire coastline, blowing in the ESE, SE or SSE directions. Generally, you will run into it more often when sailing south of the northern Adriatic and, as it belongs to the group of spring-fall winds that are accompanied by rain and humidity, the jugo does not blow often in the summer.
When it does, you can recognize it by the following characteristics: the wind blows with a gradual increase without interruptions, creating very beautiful, long waves without noise and foam. Only when a strong jugo blows do the waves pound against the shoreline, retreating towards the open sea with a rumble. Seeing as its wave are equal, and its constant strength and wind direction are its greatest challenge, the jugo allows for dynamic sailing with sails taut with constant wind that allows the sailboat to achieve great speed....Read more about winds around Korcula

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