The future ownership of HTP Korcula (Hotel Company Korcula)

small-hotel-korcula.jpgFollowing a recently arisen scandal about privatisation of the tourist company Suncani Hvar, the Korcula Municipal Authority is holding a meeting tonight about the Hotel Company Korcula’s (HTP Korcula) future ownership.

The Korcula Municipal authority (Poglavarsto Grada Korcule) will demand from the Croatian Government and its Privatisation Fund to apply the same solution to the privatisation of HTP Korcula as it was applied in case of Suncani Hvar.

This will mean that eventually, after the whole process, the Croatian Government will have to transfer ovnership of 25% + 1 shares of HTP Korcula to Korcula Municipality.

This will allow active role of the local community in making strategic decision on the future of this tourist company.

However, according to the Croatian Government sources, they are unwilling to apply a  Suncani Hvar solution.

Final solution of future ownership of “HTP Korcula” is an important issue for us, as a significant proportion of fixed assets of HTP Korcula are aquired by transfer from the public (as well as private) sector during the socialist era.

( Hotel Company Korcula – HTP Korcula -Korcula Hotels is the owner of all Korcula hotels, as well as Camp Kalac and various other smaller and larger properties within Town of Korcula.)

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