Places on Korcula Island

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There are eight main places-villages on the Island of Korcula. Start from the east (right on the map) + more places on Island of Korcula + my video channel of places on Korcula Island

KorculaKORCULA TOWN - the main town on the island, with population of about 3000 inhabitants. With it's numerous buildings and monuments, cafes, hotels, restaurants, galleries, cinema etc, Korcula is very popular for visitors as central location from which they explore the rest of the island. Korcula is an administrative center of the area, where most of pleaople from surrounding villages come to work at daytime..(more about Korcula Town)

Lumbarda Korcula IslandLUMBARDA - a little fisherman's village 10 min bus ride from town of Korcula. Lumbarda is very well known for its finest vineyards and production of unique white wine called 'GRK'. Lumbarda is very popular tourist spot as the only sandy beaches on Korcula - the beach of Vela Przina and Bilin Zal are situated in close vicinity (map). It's a pretty place and nice location for lazy afternoons ice-creams and coffee in numerous small cafes. (More about Lumbarda) + Lumbarda Guide

Vrnik Korcula IslandVRNIK - tiny inhabited island in the Korcula archipelago, easy reached by taxi-boats from Korcula main harbor. It is well known for it's deep stone quarries dating back from Roman times. Vrnik is worth to go and visit during the day as it has a lot of secluded small swimming spots where water is so blue and clear. This is one of favorite Sunday excursion destinations for local Korcula people. (map) (More about Islands Skoji and Vrnik...)

Zrnovo Korcula IslandZRNOVO - a five minutes bus ride from Korcula town, there is a village of Zrnovo well known for its old cypresses, terraced vineyards, stone houses, bell towers of Zrnovo, its churches and olive groves. There is a nice walk route from Korcula Old Town or Zrnovska Banja to Zrnovo too (20 min) - (Zrnovo map). Pretty bays on the southern side of the Island- Orlandusa, Rasohatica and Pavja Luka are on walking distance from Zrnovo (up to 40 min) - a nice choice for swimming in clear and clean waters. (More about Zrnovo) + Zrnovo home page

Racisce on KorculaRACISCE - a twenty minutes bus ride from Korcula town there is a fisherman and seaman village of Racisce, situated in the one of the northern Korcula bays. It is quite small place, with only about 500 inhabitants, mostly sailors and their families. The bays Vaja and Samograd, with its prehistoric cave, are both attractive for swimming and sunbathing. For more ambitious, there is a nice walk route from Racisce and Kneze to the village of Pupnat - read more about Racisce

Pupnat on Korcula IslandPUPNAT - the oldest settlement on the island dating back from Illyrian times. Well preserved village architecture is worth not to miss. Pupnat is probably best known for it's bay of Pupnatska Luka -one of the most beautiful pebble beaches on the Island (map). In the summer, this beach is very busy so try to come and get a good spot as early as possible. (More about Pupnat )

Cara Korcula IslandCARA - village about 20 min bus ride from Korcula town (25km) right in the middle of the Island. Cara is well known, together with Smokvica, for its famous white wine Posip which is cultivated here, as well as in Smokvica for long years. Nearby bay of Zavalatica and Zitna are good swimming locations where there are a couple of restaurants with a nice sea-view. (map) .. read more about Cara ..

island korcula smokvicaSMOKVICA - another village on the main road to Vela Luka, about 30 min bus ride from Korcula (30km)(map) Smokvica has a long tradition in wine production and is well known for it's two white wines - Posip and Rukatac. Nearby bay of Brna (4 km away), one of the largest bays on the Island, as well as bay of Istruga, both situated on southern side, are the nearest sea-side places to swim.(More about Smokvica)

korcula island blatoBLATO is one of the largest places on the Island, 40 km away from Korcula town. It is industrial and agricultural town situated in the middle of the island. Well known for it's olive oil production and sword dance Kumpanjija. Bays of Prigradica, Prizba and Grscica are in close vicinity and are good places to visit - where you can find some cafes to drink and restaurants to eat. (More about Blato) + (Blato Map)

island Korcula Vela LukaVELA LUKA - is situated on the very west end of the island of Korcula. It is large tourist, agricultural and industrial town situated in the large bay ( large =vela, bay = luka) hence the name (map) Well known for its sardine factory and olive oil. Good places around to visit are Tri Porti bays and islands of Proizd and Osjak - a popular day-visit spots. (More About Vela Luka) + more places on Island of Korcula