Pupnat is a village in the interior eastern part of the island of Korcula, about 12 kilometers west of the town of Korcula. Pupnat is located on the regional road running along the island. The population of Pupnat is about 500 inhabitants and this is the smallest village on the Island.

The name Pupnat, according to some interpreters, derives from "pampinata"- which means vine leaves.

The Illyrian lived around Pupnat, in the area of Mocila, where remains of Illyrian graves were found. Location of the village of Pupnat was chosen by its settlers, in the hilly part of the island, not to be noticed from the sea and in this way Pupnat was through the centuries protected from pirates.

PupnatThe main occupations of Pupnat residents is farming and tourism. The graveyard church of St. George was first mentioned in 1383 and the three-nave parish church of Our Lady of the Snows was erected after 1620. From Pupnat, the road climbs up almost to the top of the island from where a wonderful panorama stretches as far as the island of Mljet to the southeast and the island of Lastovo directly the the south.

Hidden in a valley between high hills, Pupnat is a very pleasant and interesting visitors destination. It is the starting point for a number of interesting walking tours: to the peak of the island (Klupca, 568 meters), to the village of Racisce on the northern coast, to the Zukovica valley on the southern coast, and to the town of Korcula, by a prehistoric walking path (approximately 3 hrs walk). The major feast day in Pupnat is Our Lady of the Snows - locally called 'Gospa od Sniga' (5th of August), when, apart from a religious feast, entertainment and cultural programs are organized. Another important date for people of Pupnat is 24th of August when 'Blazeni Marko of Pupnat' is their festival. In Pupnat visitors may buy first-class home-made food: wine, prsut, olive oil, brandy, honey, dried herbs and fruit. The families from Pupnat are the owners of the cove of Kneza on the northern coast of the island, with a number of houses and villas rented to tourists.

Map of Pupnat

Map of Pupnat, Punatska Luka, Kneza and other surrounding area in near vicinity of Pupnat, Korcula Island. Click to see the large version of Map of Korcula Island whish includes Pupnat

Restaurants in Pupnat

Pupnat has well known and very popular restaurant/ konoba "Mate". The konoba is run by local Pupnat family (Matij and Mirjana Farac) and is located at the very centre of the village (you can't miss it). They specialise in homemade food - everything from cured meats to pasta to cheese comes from the family's land.

After enjoying a huge appetizer plate loaded with pancetta, sausage, goat cheese, and wild capers, move on to the goat cheese ravioli, and finish off with pastries and juniper or rosemary sorbet. Be sure to check out the smokehouse, hanging with dozens of legs of pršut (above photo right)

A bottle of herb rakija, Croatian grappa, sits on each table along with a clutch of other liqueurs (mandarin, wild cherry, apricot, fig, rose petal, carob).

Konoba Mate is very popular place, so don't just turn up - phone for table reservation to avoid any dissapointments..

Restaurant MATE in Pupnat: Agrotourismo "Mate" in the village of Pupnat now has new interiors, offering to the guests the authentic Dalmatian atmosphere. Opening times are 11-14h and 17-23h (every day). This agrotourismo is most known for its home-made pasta meals and home-made juices from aromatic herbs. Reservation: +385-(0)20-717-109


pupnatska lukaThe southern coast comprises the beautiful bays on Island Korcula: Bacva, Smokva, Pupnatska Luka and Ripna. They all have beautiful beaches, accessible also on foot as well as by roads.

There is a new road from Pupnat to Cara, which can also be reached by the old road along the sea side. This serpentine road passes Pupnatska Luka, beautiful bay on the southern side of the Island Korcula, with clean pebble beach and amazing turquoise colors of water.

It used to be accessible by foot-only, but few years ago, wider road was build so Pupnatska Luka can be accessed by cars, bicycles and scooters too. Pupnatska Luka Photos / Pupnatska Luka - the most beautiful beach near Pupnat / Bacva Bay and Beach - nice little bay near Pupnat /

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