Pod Sveti Antun - Korcula

Pod Sveti Sntun MAp

Area Pod Sveti Antun is Korcula Town's suburb located west from Domince around the main road from Korcula Town to Lumbarda. It takes about 25 minutes walk to reach this area. The main feature of the area is hill Sveti Antun with it's Church located on the top. It takes 101 steep steps to reach the hill which could be sort of effort particularly on hot summer days, but is well worth because of nice panorama views..

Views from Sveti Antun  Korcula

Views from Sveti Antun Hill

Church Sveti Antun

Church Sveti Antun located on the to of the hill

Collage of Sveti Anton photos

Map with Location of Sveti Anton

Map od Korcula and surrounding area

Click on above image to enlarge 3D map od Korcula and surrounding area that includes Hober

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