The Peljesac Bridge would be much better off as a Tunnel

Map of Peljesac Bridge

As soon as the Croatian and Bosnian Government have (finnaly?) achieved mutually satisfying agreement about specification of future Peljesac Bridge, there are already negative comments regarding this decision.

According to article published in Slobodna Dalmacija (regional daily newspapers), the construction of the latest version of Peljesac Bridge is going to cost twice as much as original one.

In the article, journalists were talking to prof. dr. sc. Jure Radni?, the head of Bridge and Concrete Department of Faculty of Civil Engineering from Split, Croatia who told them that much better and cheaper way to solve the problem of connecting Croatian territories, would be a TUNNEL (!) .

In the article, Prof.Radanic briefly explained his idea, adding that this option will not only cost four times less than “bridge” one, but would also offer enviromentally safer solution for MaloStonski Zaljev (Bay of Mali Ston) , well known for it’s oyster fields which are specific for this unique ecosystem.

Check satelite image of area where Peljesac Bridge (or Tunnel) will (soon?) be built

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