There is quite a few places in and around Korcula to go for a walk and enjoy a nice view on either Korcula archipelago or Korcula Town itself. Some of the walks are short distance form the Old Town, while others need a little bit of effort, but nevertheless, a worthwhile effort! + check my videos of beautiful views around Korcula

Korcula Old Town PanoramaPanorama of Korcula Old Town - panorama photo of Korcula Old Town were taken from area of Sveti Nikola in Summer 2007 - (250 kb) - to see this views, take short walk from the Old Town along the bay, towards the West, through palm-lined street Sveti Nikola. Click here for other large panorama view taken from the same Korcula spot.

Korcula and Sveti Nikola PanoramaPanorama of Korcula Old Town and Sveti Nikola - panorama photo of Korcula Old Town and Sveti Nikola church and monastery - to see this views, you would need to be in the boat, which you can do by either renting one or take a riviera tour with any of local taxi-boats. (More Korcula Old Town Panoramas)

Winter panorama with rainbow Cold and cloudy day winter's day in Korcula with tiny rainbow over Old Town - taken in January 2011. The panorama is "stitched" from 4 different photos.



Large Panorama of Peljesac ChannelPanorama of Peljesac Channel - The panorama is "stitched" from 10 different photos, taken in April 2010 from the road that leads from Orebic to Loviste. It shows Peljesac Channel with views over Viganj towards Korcula Town.


Panorama of Peljesac/ Sveti Ilija viewed from Korcula Panorama of Peljesac/ Sveti Ilija Mountain viewed from Korcula - This panorama is "stitched" from 7 different photos, taken in front of Sveti Nikola Church in Korcula Town. It shows Peljesac , Sveti Ilija Mountain and Peljesac Channel on cold day in April 2010.



Panorama views from the Summit of Sveti Ilija Mountain Panorama views from the Summit of Sveti Ilija Mountain - This not perfect panorama is "stitched" from 4 different photos, taken from the summit of Sveti Ilija Mountain in the afternoon on 1st of May 2010. It shows Peljesac Channel and views over Skoji Archipelago, Korcula Town and surrounding places.


Winter Bura panorama photo of Korcula Town Winter Bura panorama photo of Korcula Town -  ”stitched” from 2 photos taken from Peljesac by Milan Tolj. I decided to stitch them and adjust some settings to get this great large panorama image of Bura wind in Korcula.



Panorama of LastovoPanorama of Lastovo island and its archipelago viewed from southern part of Korcula island - stiched from 7 digital photos (2014)



Korcula Old Town and surrounding area viewed from Perna at Peljesac - The panorama is "stitched" from 6 different photos, taken in hurry one early afternoon in June 2012, from Perna, accross the channel, at Peljesac



Korcula and Peljesac Skoji Panorama Panorama of Korcula and Peljesac Channel viewed from the East with indication of main places and Islets - Korcula, Orebic, Zrnovo, Badija, Planjak, Sestrice, Majsan, Majsanic, Lucnjak, Rogacic, Stupe, etc...This photo is taken from the airplane on the sunny summer day - click to enlarge


Panorama Korcula Panorama of Korcula Old Town viewed from the East, near Hotel Liburna, shows ACI Marina and Old Town - this panorama photo was taken in the late afternoon, almost a dusk, when light is low and colors are getting blue. The lights in the right corner are from local open-air swimming pool, where KPK - Korcula's swimming and water polo club has regular evening sessions

Korcula from Sveti Ilija Panorama Korcula views from Sveti Ilija Mountain - this view is possible to see if you climb at the top of Sveti Ilija Mountain (which is not recommended in Summer months due to high temperatures). Photo shows indication and links to various locations around eastern part of Island Korcula including Korcula Old Town... click to enlarge

Archipelago of Korcula Panorama Korcula with Skoji Archipelago - large photo of Korcula and it's Archipelago with indication of each Island and Islets - includes Badija, Planjak, Vrnik, Gojak, Baretica, Gubavac, Knezic... Photo is taken from the airplane on the nice, and sunny summer day.




Korcula Panorama from Novi Putikorcula from novi putiPanorama Korcula from Novi Puti - A short walk up the hill from Korcula Old Town, by the steps Bernardo Bernardi in the beginning of the Put Svetog Nikole, you will arrive at this view spot from which you can see Korcula Old Town and Peljesac Channel from hilly position above. There are two or three good places for observation on this route, so continue either right or left from the top of the steps. Alternatively, you can take longer route from Korcula Old Town further along Put Svetog Nikole via Novi Puti to arrive on the same spots. This route is particularly good to see bay of Strecica from above. Click to enlarge - about Novi Puti.

korcula-fortecaFORTECA - If you continue to walk up the steps even further, you will arrive to the top of the hill where Forteca - the English tower Fort Wellington - is situated. It was built in 1813 on the place of the Venetian fortification of the open type from 1616. From this hill and the very tower a view extends to the Korcula archipelago to the interior of the island , Peljesac Channel and Old Town and the mountain Sveti Ilija. Click on right photo to see enlarged view from Forteca. Click on right image to enlarge for Korcula - View from Forteca (photo Smiljan Strihic)
korcula-hoberNAPLOV and PARK HOBER - From Forteca one can take a walk to the east towards the east side of the town to the area of the town park Hober. Park Hober is in the state register of protected parks-woods. Hober covers the area of 25ha with about 4km of pathways one can walk on and explore. This is good place to spend hot summer afternoon, as area is densely covered with old pine-trees and other Mediterranean plants. On the top of the hill there is a big public cistern of raining water built in 1950's, called Naplov with a huge flat surface as a water catchments area.
GRUBINJAC - Alternatively, from Forteca take a walk via Lokva and you will arrive at Grubinjac, a vista spot on the way to village of Zrnovo. If you choose to go there separately, it is on walking distance from the Old Town- just follow the steps of Pelavi Mir via Sv.Luka and Lokva. There is even small cafe / restaurant there to rest and enjoy the great views!

Panorama from Glavica Svetog AntunaGLAVICA SVETOG ANTUNA - If you take a walk from Korcula Old Town along the sea towards east, after about 30min walk you will arrive on the very bottom of the steps to Glavica Svetog Antuna.On the top of the hill, towards which 102 steps lead between the avenue of cypresses, there is the church of St. Antun and a hermit's dwelling from 1420. This place was re- build by bishop Spanjic at the end of the 17th century. He was buried in the church in 1707.From the top of Sveti Anton hill one can see whole Korcula archipelago including Skoji islands, Lumbarda and Zrnovo. There is no cafe's in near vicinity, so bring your own refreshments.

Lumbarda Panoramas: Walking around Lumbarda's vineyards offers beautiful views over East bit of Korcula Island,Archipelago and Lumbarda village. Two panorama photos of Lumbarda: Lumbarda Panorama 1 and Lumbarda Panorama 2 are here to check..
Lumbarda Photo - click!Photo Lumbacra - click to enlarge
Pavja Luka - Korcula Pavja Luka Panorama - Pavja Luka Panorama - Island of Korcula - Photo of Bay of Pavja Luka, located at Defora - and aria on the southern - east shores of Island of Korcula, facing Island of Lastovo and Italy, across the Adriatic Sea. See moro photos of panoramas at Defora, Korcula.
GOSPINA CRKVA - OREBIC - Across the Peljesac Channel, above town of Orebic there is Gospa- popular hilly location for day-trip from Korcula. Gospa offers a most beautiful panorama of Korcula town set into the the blue depths of the Adriatic Sea. The view definitely makes up for the tedious upward climb. The easiest way to reach Orebic from Korcula Old Town is to take boat to Orebic from main Korcula harbour - for boat timetables click here.