Orebic Municipality Day

More good news from Orebic this week: As every year, Orebic’s Municipality Day (10th of May) was celebrated couple days ago.

This was the occasion when Orebic got (for the first time ever) its own Orebic Harbour Authority Office, now located at Trg Mimbeli in Orebic. The new Harbour Office will be the place where all future harbour activities are planed and controlled. The Office is expected to be fully functional by September.

This year’s celebration of Orebic Day was also special as it is 50 years anniversary from opening of Maritime Museum of Orebic. As part of this occasion, the new bust statue of Cvito Fiskovic, the late Croatian academic and art historian born in Orebic, who established Maritime Museum, was uncovered. The statue, located in atrium of the Museum, is work of Croatian sculptor Kosta Angeli Radovani. Read more about Orebic ..

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