korcula palacesAdaptation of Palace Arneri in Korcula - The contract has been signed yesterday about beginning of adaptation and interior adjustments of part of Korcula’s Arneri Palace as well as complete reconstruction of old school building in Zrnovo - Mratin. Both buildings will be adjusted for future needs of Archive Centre for Island of Korcula ... read more

Film Crni Biseri was filmed in Korcula and Badija - Yes, in 1958 film “Crni Biseri” by Bosnian directory Toma Janjic was filmed in locations around Korcula and Badija. I watched it again yesterday, and decided to rip some stills and scenes that are among my favorites to make compilation for visitors of www.korculainfo.com... read more

hotelThe future ownership of HTP Korcula (Hotel Company Korcula) - Following a recently arisen scandal about privatisation of the tourist company “Suncani Hvar”, the Korcula Municipal Authority is holding a meeting tonight about the Hotel Company Korcula’s (HTP Korcula) future ownership. The Korcula Municipal authority (Poglavarsto Grada Korcule) will demand from the Croatian Government and its Privatisation Fund to apply the same solution to the privatisation of HTP Korcula as it was applied in case of “Suncani Hvar”.... read more

Korcula and Peljesac Skoji Panorama New - Panorama of Korcula and Peljesac Channel viewed from the East with indication of places and Islets - Korcula, Orebic, Zrnovo, Badija, Planjak, Sestrice, Majsan, Majsanic, Lucnjak, Rogacic, Stupe click to enlarge

Before the rain Dramatic Views from Cvijetno Naselje towards Peljesac and it's Sveti Ilija Mountain, captured from her terrace by Jadranka of Sessa Apartments - click to see mixture of colours created by sunset lights minutes before the rain.....

Pavja Luka - Korcula Pavja Luka Panorama - Island of Korcula - Photo of Bay of Pavja Luka, located at Defora - on the southern shores of Island of Korcula, facing Island of Lastovo and Italy, accross the Adriatic....click for large photo

a Fisherman Tkalec and his catch - Zeljko Tkalec in Sveti Nikola, cleaning fish that he cought previous night. It seems he is quite lucky, as he cought some large smuduti not so long ago - click here for other photo .. + click to enlarge photos of Zeljko's current catch

Korcula Hospitality Confirmed : I regurarly read blogs and comments regarding travel around Korcula, as it gives me good insight about visitor’s experiences of our Island. Recently I found blog entry , written by Chris Thomas from New Zealand, who visited Korcula last November and who, despite some “technical” problems regarding travelling to Dubrovnik, had pretty positive impression about ... read more

Zaobilaznica LumbardaThe New Bypass to Lumbarda Beaches :The road works on the new bypass to Lumbarda Beaches are now in full swing and are expected to be completed by the beginning of summer 2007. The bypass route will join the existing Lumbarda road, which runs straight along the seashore, to create a loop road around the centre of the Lumbarda village.. read more

Tower BalbiTower Balbi Repairs : Tower Balbi, the largest and most attractive amongst all the Korcula towers, which dates back from 15th century, is currently undergoing repair work.Scaffolding has been erected around the tower and the cracks in the mortar are being filled to prevent further erosion of the structure... read mor

Lumbarda lungomareLumbarda - New walking path along the sea from Tatinja to Bilin Zal Beach - Work is going on at the new pedestrian pathway in Lumbarda, which will connect Lumbarda’s beaches Tatinja and Bilin Zal. This new pathway will enable pedestrians to reach Beach Bilin Zal as well as Vela Przina Beach from the centre of Lumbarda without any interruption from cars .... read more

CometComet McNaught above Korcula - Local group of amateur astronomers from Korcula took these photos of Comet McNaught, which passed couple days ago above Island of Korcula. The comet was located on 15 degrees north of Venus...read more

Hotel Marco Polo KorculaHotel Marco Polo - The most luxurious hotel in Korcula: The work begins at the second phase of reconstruction and refurbishment of Hotel Marco Polo in Korcula, in which the local hotel company “Hotelsko Turisticko Poduzece Korcula” will invest ... read more

Floating HotelFloating Hotel for Korcula Harbour: Talking about statistical possibilities of “Cruise Jam” in Korcula next summer, it came to my mind something interesting and cute I found earlier, for possible use in our waters – The Floating Hotel! ... read more

Buzy KorculaCruiser Jam : If cruising statistics of Croatia will continue with its present trend (24% more cruising holidays along Adriatic Coast in the first 11 months of 2006 / 93% of them in Korcula and Dubrovnik) we can easily expect total traffic jam in Korcula harbour ... read more

Korcula Video on YouTube : I was browsing throught the various Korcula video clips at youtube.com, and found recently uploaded one, made entirely of still images. The source of these still images is not mention, although I can recognize, at least some of the images, as photos that are already published ... read more

Peljesac Wine Roads - Last week, Peljesac got a new wine society called “Pelješki vinski puti“, which translates as Peljesac Wine Roads.The society’s aim is to improve communication between Peljesac wine producers, as well as offering Peljesac’s visitors a chance to get to know the local wine production... read more


Wind park Peljesac Wind Power Takes Off at Peljesac: Truly exciting news is coming from Croatian media! It seems that the first wind farm in our county will be built at Peljesac Peninsula! The location will be at the hills above Ponikve (a small village near Ston) between hamlets Boljenovići and Dančanj. This wind farm will be the third one that is built in Croatia. Other two, already in use, are Sibenik - Wind Farm on Trtar-Krtolin hill (Vjetropark Trtar-Krtolin) and wind farm Ravne I at Island of Pag... read more

Buggy Safary New! - Buggy Safari in Korcula - Experience Korcula island off road adventure, start the engines and hold on to your hats! Say hello to life, on Korčula hidden bays on a this exciting journey in your own 2-seater buggy convertible... read more

korcula today - daily photo from korculaVideo Klapa Ivan Grozni from Korcula - For all of you that missed TV show with Klapa Ivan Grozni at Croatia Tourism Award that was broadcasted back in September 2006, see the complete clip of “Furesti su u konfinu” song by Ivan Grozni here - click! ..