Korcula Travel News from 2006

Peljesac Bridge Peljesac Bridge Construction Plans: According to Jutarnji List, Croatian daily newspapers, the architectural construction plans for Peljesac Bridge, the future second largest bridge in Europe, are last week completed by The Institute for Bridges of Zagreb Faculty .. read more

Christmas Card from Korcula Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Card from Korcula - I got carried away with all these photos of Korcula Christmas Lights and decided to make a little Christmas Card to keep it as reminder of festive season - click for large image and read more ..

Plokata Lights Light Experts of Korcula at work and the final product of hard work - Also, girls at their cafe, making sure it looks good ...click for larger images ...

New Flights Security Measures New Security Measures at Croatia Airlines flights: Croatia Airlines, the Croatian national air carrier has announced new security measures for all their flights, as prevention of possible use of liquid explosives onboard of their planes..read more

Peljesac Bridge MapThe Peljesac Bridge would be much better off as a Tunnel? - As soon as Croatian and Bosnian Government has (finally?) achieved mutually satisfying agreement about specification of future Peljesac Bridge, there are already negative comments regarding this decision. According to article published in Slobodna Dalmacija ( regional daily newspapers) , the construction of the latest version of Peljesac Bridge is going to cost twice as much as original one... read more ..

Monet trapped in KorculaCruiser M/S Monet trapped in Korcula - The cute little cruising ship M/S Monet is trapped in a Korcula harbour due to bad weather. The ship is cruising along the Dalmatian Coast with about 20 passengers on the board. It is trapped by bad weather, so it is hanging around Korcula already for few days... read more

Virtual BridgePeljesac Bridge New Agreement - According to Hina, the Croatian News Agency , governments of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are close to achieving final agreement about technical specification of future Peljesac Bridge... read more

Fog in Korcula : If I tell you this image is taken today by friend of mine on the Island of Korcula, would you believe me? The weather looks awful, and I am so happy to stay indoors, with my slippers .. read more

Winter in Korcula brings bad weather , with rain, wind and cold. So, most of the people try to stay indoors, and enjoy indoor activities - these left photos (click on photos to enlarge) are about that indoor "food and drink" activity

Buzy KorculaNew Harbour Authority in Korcula - Finally, it seems that soon, Korcula Town is going to get its own harbour authority instead of one that is currently run and managed by regional head office. From the beginning of the last century, Korcula is the traditional stopover destination for numerous larger and smaller cruising ships that are sailing up and down the Adriatic from Venice via Croatian Coast further down towards Greece and Mediterranean Sea... read more in webmasters blog

Fishmarket in Korcula Fish Market in Korcula - locally called Peskarija ( or Ribarnica) is place where locals go every morning to check what is available, even they have no intention to buy any fish at all. This is kind of ritual visit, just in case something good is available... click for large photo

Cottage in Zrnovo Small Cottage in village of Zrnovo, Island of Korcula, located just bellow Sveti Martin hill, where Zrnovo's main church and it's tower are located. These small cottages were built for various purposes - to keep goats or chickens, as well as for people's shelters - click for large photo..

korcula today - daily photo from korcula Konoba "Mistre" in Village of Zrnovo, at the area called Kampus - good place to eat traditional village food in rustic and cozy atmosphere - read more about village of Zrnovo + click for large photo

Palm Tree Cutter Palm Tree Cutter is just about to start with cutting of some branches of this palm tree in Korcula. Palms need hairdressers too, and November is the best month for branch cutting, so this palm is getting her hari cut now - click for large photo

Blato - Plokata Autumn in Blato - lonely Plokata square in Blato village at Island of Korcula - a mute dialog between church tower and almost nude tree - autum atmosphere, with fallen leaves - click to enlarge photo

KPK - Korcula Korculanski Plivacki Klub - KPK Korcula - Korcula's Swimming and Water polo Club : Town of Korcula has long water polo tradition which dates back from late 1920's. That was the time when Korcula's students, reading their degrees at universities in larger places (Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik...) discovered water polo as fashionable new game and brought it with them to Korcula to play during their home stay at summer vacations. Quickly, water polo become popular in Korcula and become prestige sport of privileged Korculans middle classes.... read more..

Old Shipyards in Sveti NikolaOld Shipyards in Sveti Nikola - Sveti Nikola and it's Shipyards - old photo from the times Sveti Nikola Street was suburb of shipbuilders. Click to check how Sveti Nikola looked a century ago! Also, click here to see how it looks nowadays

Korcula's Suburbs : Borak and Domince with Skoji in Background - Old Photo Korcula's Suburbs : Borak and Domince with Skoji in Background - Old Photo - This is an Old Photo of Korcula's eastern suburb of Borak, Punta od Kriza, Luka Korculanska Domince, and Sveti Anton, with Korcula's Archipelago " Skoji " in the background. This is how Korcula looked without it's hotels, and Novo and Staro Naselje - check in our photo-album how his looks nowadays...

ZakrjanZakrjan old photo called " Walks along the walls" depicts Zakrjan at the beginning of last century. It seems very tranquill place, ideal for contemplating walk. Click to check how it looked in the last century + More Korcula - Zakrjan Photos..

Sea Eal of 10 kg06.11.06 - Good catch - Large 10 kg fish Sea Eel , locally called Ugor or Gruj, in situ, waiting for BBQ fire to set... and next to it, proud fisherman Ratko with the rest of his catch - shame I was not invited for dinner chech large photo..

Painting of Korcula by Vasko Lipovac - This amazing painting made by Croatian painter and sculptor Vasko Lipovac, is displayed in Hotel Liburna in Korcula. More of his work in Korcula can be seen in Hotel Marco Polo too. Vasko Lipovac, painter and sculptor, was born in 1931 in Kotor, Montenegro. He graduated from the Academy of Applied arts in Zagreb in 1955.... click to read more...

Lumbarda Coffee01.11.06 - Australians in Lumbarda - Tim & Mike with their host Roko enjoying their coffee in Truda cafe in Lumbarda. They allegedly said coffee in London is not as good as this one (?!). They traveled all around Europe, but they consider Roko as the most welcoming host of all :-) - check large photos..

Pero in Sveti Nikola 29.10.06 - Pero is swimming today - The day is bit windy, water is cool, nobody else is on the beach but this brave swimmer is not giving up! Click for large photos - Korcula Today - daily photos from Korcula, Croatia. ..

Gavunara 26.10.06 - Fishing with net "Gavunara" - Fishing net Gavunara is especialy made net to catch small ( and very tasty) fish Gavuni. These species of fish lives together in large schools so to catch them, the best way is to use this kind of net. At this particular event, Darko and his father Joze took opportunity of calm weather and are trying their luck next to Korcula Old Town's medieval walls. - click for large photo ..

Lubarda Wine Cellar19.10.06 - Lumbarda Wine Cellar - Sjor Ive's wine cellar in Lumbarda is busy these days as wine production is in the full swing. He says his white wine Grk is going to be great again this year too... see large photo...

Irish Ladies 15.10.06 - Irish ladies in Korcula today - This three friendly visitors from Ireland are enjoying Korcula's sunshine today, as well as a priviledge of reserved bench at the East Pier. See large image

Old Watercolor of Korcula's Square is exhibited at the wall of Korcula's Bishop's Treasury Museum . It depicts the street scene from Korcula at the beginning of last century, in front of of Church Sveti Mihovil and Opcina - read more

Ulica Svetog Mihovila Korcula Old Photo - Ulica Svetog Mihovila aka Kaporova Ulica - This old postcard from Korcula, probably dates from 1930's, depicts street in Korcula Old Town called Ulica Svetog Mihovila or in Italian Calle S. Michelle. read more ...

marina glowing advert ACI Marina Korcula - ACI Club Marina in Korcula is located just outside the walls for Korcula Old Town. Marina has 160 berths, each having it's water and power supplies. This marina is well protected from all winds, so it is very safe place to moor....read more

Johanna and Mary in Korcula 06.10.06 - Impressions of Korcula - short holiday review written by Johanna from London UK - see what are her impressions of Korcula, what she recommends and what are her warnings - read more..

05.10.06 Selection of Korcula People Photos - see small gallery of people in Korcula doing their business and fun - Photos are compiled from our daily photo blog entriese - Korcula Today + more to come soon..

Blagdan Vele Gospe Korcula 01.10.06 - New Video Clips : Sveti Todor church procession : video clip, july 2006 + Vela Gospa in Korcula, Sveti Nikola church procession : video clip, 15.08.06 + more clips - note : all videos on this website are made by korculainfo.com team. If you would like to have uncompressed verision of any of the videos, please email us - we will be happy to post it to you...

catamaran ferry korcula 29.09.06 - Catamaran Ferry Split - Hvar - Korcula sailing throught the Peljesac Chanell on it's way to Korcula Old Town's harbour - video clip taken in late august 2006 - watch the movie + more korcula videos...

Klapa Ivan Groznia Korcula27.09.06 - Klapa Ivan Grozni from Korcula on Croatia Tourism Awards - see video clip - Klapa Ivan Grozni from Korcula performing tonight on Croatian Tourism Award Ceremony - Dan Hrvatskog Turizma, Turisticki Cvijet Kvaliteta za Hrvatsku, at Island of Brac. Click to watch the video clip..........

parking in Korcula 24.09.06 - Parking in Korcula - Now, when the tourist season is almost gone, parking is not a problem any more Korcula so the lucky ones can get a slot with a view - link..


hedge trimming 23.09.06 - The perfect Hedge : The result is perfect hedge if you have Mara, Kreso and Anka in the hedge trimming team. - Check Korcula Today, daily photo from the neighborhood for family Pecotic and their neighbor in action... link

ULUK Art22.09.06 - Annual Art Exhibition ULUK Korcula 2006 that was held in last weeks of August this year - photo pages of the exhibition are uploaded - please click on link to see photos of artwork and exhibition space ... link

korcula today - daily photo from korcula20.09.06 - Rainbow after rain : While it was raining in Korcula: behind the scenes, two rainbows were preparing for for their turn. As soon as rain stopped, two rainbows appeared in the middle of the chanell.This drama was closely monitored by Roko of Roko taxi boat and Apartments who supplied me with images - read more...

ferry19.09.06 - As we are slowely approaching off season ferry timetables, here is a new winter timetable for Jadrolinija's ferries from Rijeka via Split and Hvar to Korcula and further to Dubrovnik and Bari as well as back route ( from Dubrvonik to Korcula and further to Rijeka) . Timetable is valid from 02.10.06 . Click on bold link to see this new off season ferry timetable... link ..

Bad weather in Korcula 17.09.06 - Bad weather in Korcula - After weeks of warm and sunny weather, Saturday and Sunday in Korcula were rainy and windy. We had heavy rain at Saturday, which brought us, according to Korculan Meteorological Station, about 185 liters of rain per square meter. Since records begins, this is the highest measured rainfall in Korcula ... read more... also click to see images of bad weather taken in last couple of days in Korcula ....

ferry departure14.09.06 - Ferry Departure at ferry terminal - the hight of tourist season in Korcula is slowely dying down. Ferries are much more buzzier at departure then at arrival route - click to enlarge


sunset in korcula13.09.06 - Sunset tonght at Peljesac Channel -couple of romantic photos taken tonight to remind us about the colours of our sunsets...click to enlarge


Panorama Korcula 11.09.06 Panorama of Korcula taken from the East, near Hotel Liburna, shows ACI Marina and Old Town - this panorama photo was taken by Dragan Rakocevic of Milena Apartments ..

helmet roko ranko 10.09.06 - Small Exhibition of Scooter Riders in Korcula : Lady on Scooter, Roko with his bunch of friends and Ranko on his scooter too - click on images to enlarge!

battle 05.09.06 - Reconstruction of battle of Marco Polo - the battle that happened 708 years ago at Korcula's waters - the battle between Genoa and Venice armada in which Marko Polo was arrested and imprisoned....

Tremuntana in Korcula01.09.06: Tremuntana in Korcula : Sudden north wind Tremuntana was so strong yesterday, that two sailing boats that were mooring at Korcula's western pier were thrown at the shore. Thanks to Korcula's harbour captain Vojko Trojan and his crew, the boats and passengers were saved from greater jeopardy . Click on images to enlarge. Click to read more about Tremuntana wind: Tremuntana ( Tramontana) and other Korcula winds ...

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