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  • History of Tourism in Korcula - The History of Tourism in Korcula section of Korcula Photo Gallery is now updated with photos of Korcula Travel Guide published in 1965  written by Zoran Palcok and accompanied by 60 photos of Korcula by Toso Dabac, a well known Croatian photographer..read more
  • Korcula Photo in Sunday Times - While I was browsing throught some old press cuttings, looking for something completely unrelated, I found this Sunday Times supplement cutting from 2004 where Korcula was featured as a main photo of the ‘Complete Croatia’ article..read more
  • Badija Photo Gallery - I just started with Badija Photo Gallery where some old photos of Badija has been scanned and already uploaded. Photos include some rare shots from 1950’s and 1960’s..read more
  • Old Moreska Postcard - This Old postcard of Moreska, published in 1987 by post office as part of Muzejski Exponati postcard series, has been scanned and added to our Korcula Photo Gallery..read more
  • Boat from Orebic to Korcula - timetable change -Some important ferry timetable changes: Starting from 20th of May, foot passenger boat Orebic-Korcula-Orebic will serve additional lines departing from Orebic to Korcula every morning at 05:20 and from Korcula to Orebic every evening at 19:00 to enable passengers to reach fast catamaran ferry boat Split-Hvar-Korcula in both directions..read more
  • New Korcula Ferry Maps - I often receive emails asking about ferries to and from Korcula as well as various questions how to go from Korcula ferry terminals and bus station to various parts of the town and further around the island. That is way I decided to draw some maps which will visually answer some questions and give additional info that we, locals, take for granted...read more
  • Music Video from Korcula - While browsing the YouTube, I found this music video that was made to promote a popular song ‘Tamo di san davno tija’ sung by Luky (Croatian pop singer) - click to have a look
  • Peljesac Bridge will not be scrapped: Some good and reassuring news are comming from Croatian media regards future of Peljesac Bridge, the important infrastructure object that was supposed to be built to connect Croatian Mainland and Peljesac Peninsula... read more
  • Catamaran ferry tickets in Korcula: Due to the closure of current premisses of Marko Polo Tours,  the travel agent that is selling catamaran ferry tickets for ferry catamaran Split-Hvar-Korcula and ferry catamaran  Dubrovnik-Sipan-Mljet-Korcula-Lastovo, ferry tickets for these services are now available for purchase from a different location..read more
  • Korcula Ferry Map - the large map of ferry routes around Korcula is the latest addition in our ferry info section - click here to see it in its full glory ;-)
  • What is new in Croatia by Rick Steves: What’s new in the Old World - Europe Spring Preview  is a new travel article written by Rick Steves for San Francisco Chronicle in which he shares tips on what’s opened, what’s changed and how to save time and money enjoying it all. This is what he says about Croatia - read more
  • Good Friday in Korcula: If you happened to be in Korcula tomorrow, don’t miss the opportunity to see Korcula’s Good Friday Church Procession, traditionally held in and around Korcula Old Town on Good Friday. The procession will start at 6pm from Cathedral Sveti Marko..read more
  • Old Drawing of Korcula from 1892: A rare old drawing of Korcula from 1892 that was yesterday emailed to me is now displayed in our Old Photos of Korcula Gallery. It depicts Korcula Old Town viewed from Borak area with Sveti Ilija Mountain in the background...read more
  • Ferries to Korcula online booking: Some good news are comming from Jadrolinija, the Croatian ferry company . They started with online booking for ferries that connect Korcula with Rijeka, Split, Hvar, Mljet and Dubrovnik. The booking engine is now live so you can book your ferry to Korcula and beyond online at its website ..read more
    Korcula's Sveti Todor Religous Procession Photos - Photos of Sveti Todor Religous Procession that was traditionally held in Korcula in summer 2007 are finally uploaded in our Korcula Photo Gallery and ready to be viewed...more
  • Timetable Update: Ferry Catamaran Dubrovnik - Sipan - Mljet - Korcula - Lastovo: Timetable for Ferry Catamaran Dubrovnik - Sipan - Mljet - Korcula - Lastovo is updated and ready for use for 2008 summer season. The ferry schedule is similar to last year, with just a slight changes regarding Sunday’s sailing, so people who are flying to Dubrovnik Airport will still be in trouble trying to find solution to reach Korcula at the same day..read more
  • Rooms to let in Rural Cottage: The latest addition to our Korcula private rooms and apartments page is rural cottage that offers rooms to let, situated in village of Zrnovo, 3km away from Korcula Old Town. In this cottage in village of Zrnovo, there are two double/twin rooms to let. There is a bathroom that is shared between the two rooms...read more
  • Festivala Promo Video - Festival oOoze on Korcula Island: A nice, short promo video of Festivala - Festival oOoze Korcula. The festival is held every summer in Istruga bay, near Smokvica on Korcula Island...read more and watch the video
  • Lesic Dimitri Palace : Lesic Dimitri Palace was presented, for the first time, at the recent seminar on “The importance of special interests tourism for sustainable development,organised by the Korcula Tourist Board in November 2007 in Korcula Town. By meticulously reconstructing the Palace into a high-end apart-hotel, restaurant and spa, Lesic Dimitri Ltd aims to create a new tourist offering in Korcula, which will enrich the island’s current provision and, hopefully, help to attract an increased number of affluent visitors...read more
  • Extra Large Panorama of Korcula Old Town: Last night I finally completed this Korcula Old Town Extra Large Panorama Photo that is now uploaded in our Korcula Photo Gallery. The panorama is “stitched” from 8 different photos, taken one late afternoon, after the rain,  in Summer 2007,  from Sveti Nikola street ...read more
    • Apartment Viola in Korcula: The latest addition to our Korcula private accommodation page is lovely Apartment Viola situated in the centre of Korcula town . This comfortable loft apartment is situated at the top floor of the local family house, located only a short distance walk from the main Korcula beach...read more
  • Awarded Underwater Photos by Lumbarda Photographer: Scuba diver Miljenko Marukic, of Lumbarda’s Scuba Diving Centre has won three awards for underwater photography at International Festival of Underwater Photography that was recently held in Rijeka, Croatia. Have a look at Miljenko’s awarded photos
  • New Moreska Photo Album - The new Moreska sword dance photo album is uploaded and ready to browse. All photos in this album were taken at Sveti Todor’s Day in Korcula in July 2007, when Moreska was traditionally performed at ... read more
  • Archaeological Dig in Lumbarda: The new archaeological dig started in Lumbarda last week.The location of excavation is in the western part of Lumbarda, in the area of Sutivan, where in 1999 there were discoveries of artefacts from the late antique period... read more
  • Peljesac Bridge evaluation study : A study to evaluate the effects of construction of Peljesac Bridge in the context of economic, transport and demographic changes of Peljesac Peninsula , Korcula , Mljet and its surrounding area, has been presented today at Hotel Villa Argentina in Dubrovnik, Croatia. According to the projections on which the study is based,  Peljesac Bridge is going to.. read more
  • Croatian National Park Mljet recommended by Guardian readers: In today’s eddition of The Guardian UK, in its Travel supplement, among other world national parks National Park Mljet is the only National Park of Croatia that is also featuread. The article titled “National parks” includes listing and short introduction of various national parks of the world, chosen by Guardian readers. “From virgin rainforest to snow-capped volcanoes, national parks offer the best chance to experience unique scenery and exotic wildlife. Here are some of your favourites ” is the introduction to the listings... read more
  • Korcula in Financial Times - An article on Korcula and Marco Polo, published in today’s issue of Financial Times, in its Report section. " Marco Polo, the 13th century merchant-explorer, has gone down in history as a Venetian. The Italian maritime city-state was at the height of its commercial influence when he claimed to have made his colourful trip to Kublai Khan’s China, as later recounted in a Genoese prison cell. But national designations can be warped over time. Korcula, a historically rich island on the Croatian side of the Adriatic, also claims a share of Mr Polo’s legacy... read more

    New Photos in Korcula Photo Gallery - Just a quick reminder that, after a long break, some new photos of Korcula and its surroundings are now added at our online Korcula Photo Gallery. Additional photo albums within Korcula Photo Gallery for the time being, includes: Photos of Art, Artists and Art Galleries Korcula  with some sub-albums as well as Photos of KPK - Korcula Swimming and Waterpolo Club (Korculanski Plivacki Klub).. read more

    Olympic size indoor swimming pool to be built in Korcula: According to the announcement of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development , the construction of the new Olympic size indoor swimming pool in Korcula will start in 2008 and is expected to be finished by 2009. The total cost of the project is expected to be in the region of 25 milion kuna. It will be partly financed by the Ministry, as well as by local and regional Governments. ... read more

    Peljesac Bridge construction works formally opened - Last week, Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader marked the formal start of construction work on a Peljesac Bridge, saying that the bridge would provide a link between the southernmost part of Croatia and the rest of the country and revitalise Peljesac Peninsula and nearby islands, including Korcula, Mljet and Lastovo. Addressing the ceremony, Sanader said that this was a historic day for Croatia because the Peljesac bridge would link the country together for the first time in several hundred years and would “pull the Croatian south out of isolation.” .. read more

    FlyGlobespan will fly to Dubrovnik from EdinburghSome good news for budget travellers comming to Dubrovnik area from Scotland in 2008 :  FlyGlobespan, a low-cost airline based in Scotland, UK are to begin flying to Dubrovnik next summer from Edinburgh Airport. Their weekly flights to Dubrovnik, Croatia will start from 24 May 2008 and will fly, according to their current schedule, until 25 October 2008.. - read more

    Korcula’s Beach is the best beach in Croatia - According to Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development of Croatia, the beach on small Proizd island situated in the near vicinity of Vela Luka, at the western coast of Island of Korcula , has been pronounced the best beach in Croatia in 2007 - read more

    Brochure and film on Marco Polo launched in Korcula - Last week, as part of events marking the anniversary of the naval battle near the island of Korcula on September 1298, between the naval forces of the time, Venice and Genova, during which Marco Polo was taken prisoner, the brochure and a film on Marco Polo were launched in Korcula ...read more

    Korcula among 50 most beautiful islands of the world - Yesterday, I had a chance to flip through the book titled ” 50 Most beautiful islands of the World”, published back in 2005 by New Holland Publishers.. read more

    Super-Hot in Korcula - It is super-hot in Korcula in last couple of days.Temperatures are reaching 38 degrees celzius ( in shade) , it is humid and heavy… People are spending most of their free time soaking in the sea…read more

    Video - Flying over Korcula: Georg Leo Maier visited Croatia last Easter and took opportunity to fly over Peljesac Channel around Skoji - the Korcula archipelago . Have a look at his short video clip he took while flying by paramotor over Korcula... read more

    Bosnia threatens to sue Croatia - The latest news about Peljesac Bridge... read more

    New music videos from Korcula : Tonci Gatti, the well known local guy from Korcula (nicknamed “Afera”) has uploaded at YouTube three new videos of music from Korcula. The first music video is of “Klapa Skoji” singing traditional Dalmatian song, the second one is video clip of popular Korcula singer Oliver Dragojevic singing his well known song “Cesarica” in ambiance of Korcula ... read more

    Peljesac Bridge public tender announced - The public tender for Peljesac Bridge has been announced.Hrvatske Autoceste are looking for offer from construction companies to build the the bridge which cost is expected to be... read more

    What Korcula kids do to amuse themselves - While browsing the YouTube site, I found some videos recently posted by Korcula kids of Sveti Nikola area. They made couple of videos that remind me of the times when I was a kid as we used to do similar sort of things to amuse ourselfs and to kill the time... read more

    Summer Art and Music Festival in Istruga - Some promissing, and I must say, ambitious news are comming from organisers of “Festivala Istruga” - The Istruga Bay music and art festival that is planned for Summer 2007. They are promissing for this summer’s festival the exciting mixture of music and art performances, light shows, film projections, street + land art and similar... read more

    Disappointing ferry timetable for catamaran ferry Dubrovnik-Mljet-Korcula-Lastovo : We were patiently waiting for months for any kind of news from Authorities regarding this newly introduced ferry line. Now, it seems we have it. However, the timetable is pretty poor and in my opinion it did not improve bad connection between Korcula and Dubrovnik at all... read more

    The New Timetable Ferry Split-Hvar-Korcula - Some last minute , important changes in timetable for catamaran ferry Split- Hvar - Korcula has been announced... read more

    The new owner of hotel company “Hum” Vela Luka: The company “Samoborka” from Samobor (a small place near Zagreb ), has become the new, 80% owner,  of hotel company “Hum” from Vela Luka... read more

    Grand Hotel Orebic: The largest and well known Hotel “Rathaneum” in Orebic was reopened last weekend under ther new name  - “The Grand ... read more

    The best wines of Dubrovnik - Neretva County: The closing ceremony of  traditional 7th Wine Fair was held last weekend at hotel Bellevue in Orebic. Amongst the 49 varioius wines from around the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, the best white and red wine were announced... read more

    Pembrokeshire Coast Path - If you are regular visitors of this site, you probably noticed there was not a lot of activities here this week. The reason for that is I was away on deserved break - went hiking along the Pembrokshire Coast ... read more

    New Music CD from Korcula : A popular klapa singers from Korcula ”Klapa Ivan Grozni” has just released their first CD containing 13 brand new songs from Korcula... read more

    Prime Minister of Croatia to suspend Jadrolinija’s decision - Croatia ferry news update - Following the decision by Jadrolinija ferry company to suspend the regular daily ferry service from Dubrovnik to Mljet (Sobra) from 01.06.07 , and a petition against that decision that has been signed by eighty per cent of the Mljet local residents, the Prime Minister of Croatia Ivo Sanader is insisting now to immediately suspend the decision and for ferry service to continue ... read more

    Ferry Dubrovnik-Mljet-Korcula-Lastovo: Mljet residents protesting: According to Croatian media, 80% residents of Island of Mljet have sign a petition of protest against the new timetables for ferries to Mljet. The new timetables are  .. read more

    Extra Large Dusky Grouper Fish cought in Korcula :I just got photo of trully extra, extra large Dusky Grouper fish, (which we call “kerna” or “kirnja”), that was cought yesterday by Marketo and Ante Bonguardo, father and son .. read more

    New Ferry Terminal Perna Orebic - Korcula update : The new project of building a ferry terminal in Perna, near Orebic at Peljesac Peninsula is progressing according to the schedule. It is expected that building works on new ferry terminal in Perna that will serve the ferry Orebic to Korcula will begin sometimes towards the end of ... read more

    Orebic Municipality Day : More good news from Orebic this week: As every year, Orebic’s Municipality Day (10th of May) was celebrated couple days ago. This was the occasion when Orebic got (for the first time ever) its own Orebic Harbour Authority Office, now located at Trg Mimbeli in Orebic. The new Harbour Office will be the place where all future harbour activities are planed and controlled. The Office is expected to be fully functional by September ... read more