New Moreska Photo Album


The new Moreska sword dance photo album is uploaded and ready to browse –

All photos in this album were taken at Sveti Todor’s Day in Korcula in July 2007, whenMoreska was traditionally performed at the Korcula’s central open-air stage.

For the time being, there are about 20 photos in the album – more due for upload later..

What I really like about these photos is that quite a lot of them are blurry and out of focus,due to low light at the stage and movements of dancers.

I find it pretty and romantic, and bit different than usual Moreska photos :-)

Photos of Moreska:

  1. Angry Negotiations – Moreska
  2. Black King Moro in Action – Moreska
  3. Bula and Moro
  4. Coversation between Bula and Moro
  5. Desperate Bula
  6. Fourth Movement of Moreska
  7. Moreska dancers
  8. Moreska – black and red army
  9. Moreska Movement
  10. Moreska Detail
  11. Moreska Dancers
  12. Moreska
  13. Moreska – 7th Movement
  14. Moreska – Black King Dance
  15. Moreska – Happy End
  16. Moreska – The Beginning
  17. Moreska – The First Movement
  18. Moreska Dance Movement
  19. Moreska in full swing
  20. Moro the Black King of Moreska
  21. The Defeat of the Black Army Moreska

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