New Mast on Forteca Korcula

Forteca with arials and mobile phone mast

Forteca is the English tower Fort Wellington, built in 1813 at the top of the hill above Korcula Old Town.

Due to it’s historic value, it was unreasonable to expected that a mobile phone mast and arials can be erected on top of the tower.

However, some people had a different idea and a mast and arials have been there for years.
More arials

Not so long ago, a new mast apeared on the top of the hill, so at the moment, we have two masts on the hill. Great.

Two masts on Forteca

All arials from the top of the Forteca Tower are allegedly beeing relocated at the newly built mast that is just a few meters away from the tower (?!)

New mast

The summit of the Forteca Hill offeres a beautifull view of the Korcula Old town, the Skoji Arhipelago and the Peljesac Peninsula. This is why we expected the local authorities to oppose the idea of keeping the Forteca Hill under the mast’s occupation and to give it back to walkers, visitors and tourists.

It is very sad to see another wrong decision by the local authorities.

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