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  • The first part of the Korcula map (from the left) covers area around Vela Luka and it's surrounding bays and island of Osjak.
  • The second part of the Korcula map is area around Blato and Smokvica, with bays of Prizba, Prigradica and Brna.
  • Third part is a map of villages Cara,Pupnat and Racisce, as well as bays of Babina, Zavalatica, Zitna , Pupnatska Luka and Bacva.
  • The fourth part is a map of villages Lumbarda and Zrnovo as well as Town of Korcula with its surrounded bays - Zrnovska Banja, Strecica, Przina, Rasohatica, Pavja Luka and Orlandusa. Here, you can also see most of the islands 'SKOJI' - Badija, Kamenjak, Gojak, Sestrice, Planjak, Stupe, Majsan, Vrnik, Sutvara - a group of tiny and uninhabited islands in the vicinity of the town of Korcula.
  • Map of Town Korcula
  • Map of Korcula Old Town
  • 3D map of Korcula Town
  • Important Note:

    This map is available to buy at various shops and travel agencies in Korcula. Please support local economy and instead of downloading, once you arrive, buy it :)