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Frequently Asked Questions about Korcula:

Where to stay on Korcula Island? The question of where to stay on Korcula Island is one often emailed to me and of course simple answer is that it depends what you’re looking for. I recommend that you start off by having a look at the map of places on Korcula Island to familiarise yourself where the different places ..read more

Where to stay in Korcula town? - As I wrote in my previous post about staying in Korcula Island, a lot of email I receive from visitors to this site are about recommendations of where to stay in Korcula town..read more

Parking in Korcula:..Korcula Old Town is located on small peninsula. There are two main entrances to the Old Town and both are entrances via steps. Furthermore, all streets are very narrow and are made of steps, due to Korcula Old Town geographical position which is on tiny (and hilly) peninsula, so I would say it would be impossible to drive through the Old Town even if it’s permitted. Narrow streets are created at the time because the space in the Old Town was (and still is) very scarce...read more

Services on Korcula island:

  • Korcula Tourist Board (Turisticka Zajednica Korcula)
  • Mechanics on Korcula Island - listing of mechanics on Korcula Island, info, maps, locations , telephones ..
  • Hairdressers on Korcula island - listing of hairdressers on Korcula island - location, address, map , telephone (Sandra hairdresser)
  • Dentists in Korcula - listing of dentists on Korcula Island, info, map, location, contact
  • Doctors in Korcula - listing of medical practitioners on Korcula Island, info, maps, locations and contact details
  • Pharmacy in Korcula + List of all pharmacies on Korcula island - info, location maps, contact and directions
  • Banks and Cash Mashines in Korcula
  • Petrol Station Korcula
  • Pets and Vets in Korcula
  • Laundry service
  • Schools in Korcula
  • More Services in Korcula
  • News archive
  • Properties for Sale
  • More to come..


    • About Driving in and around Korcula
    • About Medical Services on the island
    • About Health and Safety: Safety on the Beaches, in the boats, on the roads
    • About various services: Laundrettes, Internet Cafes, Mechanics, etc.