Extra Large Dusky Grouper Fish cought in Korcula

kernja dusky grouper 81 kgI just got this left photo of trully extra, extra?large Dusky Grouper fish, (which we call “kerna” or “kirnja”), that was cought yesterday by Marketo and Ante Bonguardo, father and son, the well known Korcula’s fishermans.

The fish weights 81 kilogram. It is cought near Island of Mljet, on its south side, by? fishing tool?called “kancelica” (pronounced “kan-che-li-tza”) – which is actually the simple fishing rope.

I am not sure if I ever seen larger fish cought in Korcula. Click here to see large photo of this fish?. (Photo by Roko) – Read more about Fishing in Korcula

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