Croatian National Park Mljet recommended by Guardian readers

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In today’s eddition of The Guardian UK, in its Travel supplement, among other world national parks National Park Mljet is the only National Park of Croatia that is also featuread.

The article titled “National parks” includes listing and short introduction of various national parks of the world, chosen by Guardian readers. “From virgin rainforest to snow-capped volcanoes, national parks offer the best chance to experience unique scenery and exotic wildlife. Here are some of your favourites ” is the introduction to the listings.

National Park Mljet is intoduced by the following description :

CroatiaMljet IslandA short ferry ride from Dubrovnik, Mljet has a stunning park, perfect for a day trip. You can swim in the freshwater lakes, walk and cycle round them or get something to eat at the beautifully preserved monastery. A steep hill separates the lakes from the ferry port, so if you’re planning to cycle it’s a good idea to use the mini-bus service included in the park entrance fee, and then hire bikes at the lakes themselves.”

The Guardian listed 17 more National Parks from other countries too.

More about´┐ŻMljet – the Korcula’s neighbouring island

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  • Susan Sharma on November 18th, 2007 7:44 am

    National Parks around the world need to get more media space than they get today. These Parks hold the key to the future of mankind- with rare species of animals, birds, plants and aquatic life waiting to be explored.

    India has 85 National Parks and 450 wildlife sanctuaries.

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