Korcula has a long art tradition since very early days when crafts of shipbuilding and stone masonry were considered as an art itself, therefore the sculpture is the most famous art from this times - having a source in tradition of stone masonry. Below is a list of some very well known names in the art world that are from Korcula:

<korcula-art>FRANO KRSINIC (1897-1982) - a sculptor from Korcula - Lumbarda, coming from long tradition of family Krsinic stonemasons. He was one of the founders of Croatian Academy of Fine Arts were the great names of Croatian sculpture, painting and graphic arts were involved. He was one of the founders of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a prominent member of Group ZEMLJA ('Earth'), group of artists, architects and intellectuals active in Zagreb from 1929 to 1935. A large selection of his work is on permanent display in Museum of Korcula. Pretty soon recently renovated palace of old Korcula Arneri family will become a home to the gallery / museum of Frano Krsinic. The bronze Second World War Memorial in the center of the village Lumbarda and the bronze relief Fishermen are Krsinic work too. To find out more: Frano Krsinic

korcula-art IVO LOZICA (1910-1943) - a gifted sculptor from Lumbarda, Korcula. He was a student of Krsinic and Mestrovic at Zagreb Academy of Art. Unfortunately, executed by Fascist in WW2. He was working in stone, teracotta, wood, bronze and marble.

Some of his work can be seen in Museum of Korcula in Korcula Town. Useful links: Ivo Lozica - (croatian text only), Vecernji List - article on Ivo Lozica (croatian text only)

<korcula-art>MAXIMILIAN VANKA (1889-1963) Croatian painter - celebrated as the finest Croatian portraitist in the 1920's and 1930's.

Lived for long years in USA , but had his house and studio in Korcula. His studio is currently arranged as Memorial Collection of Maximillian Vanka in Korcula (Gallery Maximilian Vanka) in Put Sv.Nikola, one of the most beautiful locations in Korcula - have a look at this link. For more info about M.Vanka life and work have a look at following link : Maxo Vanka text in English

Contemporary Art In Korcula

Land Art Island of Korcula

Dry Stone Walls on Korcula
Dry Stone Walls on Korcula

Presently, there are quite a few contemporary artist on Korcula who have their studios and galleries on the island. Some of them are involved in organization called ULUK (Udruzenje Likovnih Umjetnika Korcula) - Association of Korcula Visual Artist. They have every summer their annual exhibition. Have a look at pages of ULUK exhibitions : Uluk 2006 / ULUK - 2004.

Art Gallery Siva Zona / gray area - gray) (area is an low-key independent non-profit non-institution that operates during lazy summer time within gray area of friendships and vacations and cultural funding / production / distribution. gray) (area presents works of contemporary and media art with focus on ones that fills the gap between those two art-worlds and discourses. preferable are programs that shifts the media and skipping the frame of simple definitions and interpretations...read more

There is another organization of visual artist in Korcula called ' MRAVCI' - they mostly work with young people promoting visual art among them. They do every summer ' Korcula SummerART Forum' ( Likovni Forum - Korcula). Visit their web site www.mravci.hr

Small Photo Gallery of Art, Artists and Art Galleries in Korcula

Small Photo Gallery of Art, Artists and Art Galleries in Korcula

More Photos of Art, Artists and Art Galleries in Korcula

Below is selection of some of art work by Korcula artist + check Photo Gallery of Korcula Contemporary Art. This selection is based SOLELY on available photos / pages:

<art croatia>

Hrvoje Kapelina-painter


Vladimir Beck - painter

korcula art

Stipe Nobilo-painter


Ante Milina - computer art


Alen Botica - painter


Zerix - murals and graffiti

<art korcula>

Ivo Didovic - Painter


Smiljan Strihic - photography


Lujo Lozica - sculptor


Abel Brcic - painter


Ivan Jurjevic Knez


Tino Jurjevic-painter


Antonio Blaskovic


Edita Pecotic

Edita Pecotic Home Page

Latest Korcula Art Pages

Old Watercolour
Uluk 2006

Read more about Art in Croatia - page with some links to other Croatian art websites. Some additional art - links of artwork inspired by Korcula: PAUL HOGARTH , TOM SCHNICK, Mediachild ... If you have art page related to art in Korcula, please email.