Korcula Old TownKORCULA Old TOWN is a medieval walled city positioned on a oval-shaped swelling of land pointing deep into Peljesac Channel. The city itself is grooved with a succession of narrow streets that branch off the spine of the main street like the fish bone. Fish bone shape was used in Korcula Old Town design to reduce effects of wind and sun and provide citizens with sheltered and comfortable accommodation. Korcula architecture in the Old Town is mainly influenced by Venetian Renaissance, although there are some..read more about Korcula Old Town

Town walls and TowersTOWN WALLS AND TOWERS - The whole of the Korcula Old Town is surrounded by 14th century thick stone walls and towers, used at the time as a defense against passing-by enemies. On the North end of the Old Town is tower called Barbarigo, built in 1488 as well as Tiepolo tower, built on the end of 15th century. On the South side of the Korcula Old Town is tower Balbi built in 1483 and Cappelo from 1493 . These towers were part of fortification of total of 12 towers by which Korcula was surrounded in the middle ages ... read more about Korcula town walls and towers: List of Korcula towers - includes Tower Zakerjan - also named Berim Tower or Kula Zakrjan, Tower Kanavelic - also named Bokar or Barbarigo Tower and Tower of All Saints - also named Kula Svih Svetih, Capello tower or Rampada ...

korcula palacesPALACES in Korcula - Once in the Korcula Old Town, you immediately recognize the Venetian architectural influence. The Old town, which huddles around the Cathedral of St Mark has various gothic, renaissance and baroque palaces which used to belong to Korcula old aristocrats Arneri, Kapor, Boschi, Ismaeli, Gabrielis, Kanavelic, Spanic, Kapor.Opposite of the Cathedral Sv.Marko is the Arneri palace, built in the ornate gothic style, with a nice renaissance/baroque cloister and gothic facade which faces western side street... read more about palaces in Korcula

Cathedral Sveti Marko in KorculaTHE CATHEDRAL Sveti Marko - This is probably most important building in the Korcula Old Town. It is built in Gothic-Renaissance style, completed in 15th century at the place of other church from 13th century. Cathedral was built by local masters and craftsman of stone masonry, very well known in renaissance and baroque Dubrovnik and Venice. Most famous among them was stone mason Marko Andijic who completed cathedral's tower and cupola (1481) as well as elegant ciborium above main altar. Cathedral's facade is decorated with the truly beautiful fluted rose and various relief and statues ...read more about Cathedral Sveti Marko

Korcula's BISHOP PALACE and TREASURY - bishop's treasury located on the same main square Piazetta. It consists of small but amazing collections of fine and sacral art. Set of paintings, including a Portrait of a Man by Carpaccio, Virgin and Child by Bassano, couple of Tiepolo studies of hands and some Raphael drawings, and a tiny Madonna by a local Renaissance artist, Blaz Jurjev of Trogir. There is also a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of a soldier wearing a costume that bears a resemblance to that of the Moreska dancers... read more about Korcula's Bishop's palace

Churches in KorculaCHURCHES in Korcula - Korcula has a lot of small churches and chapells dotted around Korcula Old Town. Some of them are easy to find, being located around the town's main squares, while some are hidden along narrow streets and dead end roads. There are also some fine churches outside the town walls: church Sveta Justina, monestary and church on Badija and Sveti Nikola Church and monestary. The altar of St. Rok is located on the eastern wall of the Chapel. It is raised above a marble staircase, constructed of colourful marble in 1767...read more about Korcula Churches

Other interesting buildings in Korcula - there are some other interesting buildings and sites around Korcula Town, including decorative pillars, English piazetta, now serving as coctail bar terrace, 16th century loggia, now serving as town's tourist office, Korcula's graveyard etc..There are several decorative pillars around Korcula Old Town (see photo on the left) dating back from 16th century. One is located on the Pjaceta, Korcula Old Town's main square. Other one is located in front of Korcula Town Hall. These pillars are decorative as well as flagpoles too. They include carvings of some Korcula's old family arms. These pillars are much smaller than Venice ones, but serve similar purpose - town's decoration... read more about these Korcula buildings+ Printer Friendly Version of this page