Hotels in Korcula

There are five hotels in Korcula. If you choice for the accommodation is hotel, it is hard to make the decision but we would recommend Hotel Park, as good value for money hotel, or the old-fashioned Hotel Korcula. This hotel is situated on the waterfront - Riva , right by the Korcula Old Town. The sea views and sunsets from its large, convivial terrace compensate for the smallish bedrooms. This is the best place to have your early morning coffee or afternoon tea. A lot of locals are using it's terrace for their easy-going early morning or late afternoon cafe-society sessions. As this hotel gets easily oversubscribed, good alternative for Korcula Old Town accommodation is Marco Polo apartments that are located in the very centre of the Old Town.


Hotel Korcula


hotel Marco Polo




Hotel-Park Korcula

Hotel PARK

Hotel-Bon Repos

Hotel Bon Repos


Hotel Lumbarda

korcula - hotel borik in lumbarda

Hotel Borik Lumbarda

Hotel Feral in Brna

HOTEL Feral - Brna

Priscapac Hotel

Hotel Priscapac

Hotel Korkyra , Vela Luka, Korcula

Hotel Korkyra - Vela Luka

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Korcula Villas , Apartments and Rooms

apartments korculaKorcula Villas , Apartments and Rooms - There is a whole range of accommodation in in private houses, villas and apartments in Korcula. Most of the rooms and apartments are of fairly high standard, but there will be some examples of accommodation which is not as good as others. You may also be offered rooms by people waiting outside bus or ferry terminals. If you choose to take a room offered in this manner it is strongly recommended to establish the location of the room and agree on a price before setting off. No matter how you find a room, it is wise to examine it before agreeing to pay for it. If you wish to escape the stress of finding an accommodation upon arrival, you can chose among the our listed accommodation and book it in advance.


On this pages we will show in our opinion, only the best bits of Korcula private accommodation and will not advertise anything which is not to the expected standard. Click on bellow link to see list of our recommended accommodation:


korcula apartments List of Recommended Accommodations

Korcula Old Town Accommodation - list of available accommodation in Korcula Old Town

Note: We also specialize in pet-friendly accommodation. If you have a pet, please write to us for assistance in your search. Or, if you need any personal advise about accommodation in Korcula, or any kind of general advise, please email us. We'll be happy to assist you in your search.

Where to stay on Korcula Island?
The question of where to stay on Korcula Island is one often emailed to me and of course simple answer is that it depends what you’re looking for. I recommend that you start off by having a look at the map of places on Korcula Island to familiarise yourself where the different places ..read more

Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula - new luxury residence

Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula The Palace will comprise six luxurious residences, which range in size from 50 sqm to 162 sqm, a multi-treatment room spa and restaurant. LOCATION: Lesic Dimitri Palace is situated within the heart of the historic and beautiful medieval town of Korcula, next to the house of Marco Polo. Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula