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Semi-Submarine & Korcula Sunset Semi-Submarine & Korcula Sunset

Semi-submarine & Korcula sunset 09.09.2015

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Korčulanski barokni festival 2015 Korčulanski barokni festival 2015

Korčulanski barokni festival međunarodni je glazbeni festival koji će se 2015. godine održati po četvrti put. Na Festivalu, od osnivanja 2012. godine, nastupili su prestižni svjetski i domaći ansambli i solisti, poput The Academy of Ancient Music (Velika Britanija), Laurence Cummings (Velika Britanija), Le Parlament de Musique (Francuska), Currende i …

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KORCULA - a brief guide

Island Of Korcula it's one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic sea. It is also one of the most popular travel destinations in this part of Croatia. Like most of the Croatian islands, the Greeks, who gave it the name Korkyra Melaina or 'Black Corfu' for its dark and densely wooded appearance, first settled Korcula. The island itself is rich in art and culture, as well as beautiful nature such as numerous tiny and secluded beaches and bays, small and uninhabited islands and breathtaking views. The main town on the island is also named Korcula. Korcula Town is a typical medieval walled Dalmatian city, with its round defensive towers and cluster of red-roofed houses.
Marco Polo (1254 - 1324) the famous world-traveller and writer, as well as a Venetian merchant, is reputed to have been born in Korcula.In the old town of Korcula where his supposed house of birth is located. It will shortly be turned into a Museum of Marco Polo. Besides Marco Polo, Korcula has a long art and cultural tradition, including museums, galleries and festivals.
The sword dance Moreska, is world famous folk drama / dance, which used to be played all over Mediterranean. it is now only performed in Korcula.
Korcula has a lot to offer to a visitor to see and learn - its art and history, its culture, traditional crafts and skills of stone masonry and shipbuilding, sword dances, music, writings as well as its most famous inhabitant – Marco Polo and his heritage, besides all the natural beauties, views and beaches. Korcula's nearest airport is Dubrovnik Airport. Korcula is fairly easily accessible from the Croatian mainland by various ferries. Welcome to Korcula :-)

CROATIA - a brief guide

Croatia extends from the foothills of the Julian Alps in the north-west and the Pannonian Plain in the east, over the Dinara mountain range in its central region, to the Adriatic coast in the south.
Area of Croatia is 56,542 km2, with an additional 31,067 km2 of territorial waters. Population in Croatia is 4.5 million people. Capital of Crotia is Zagreb (779.145 inhabitants - the administrative, cultural, academic and communication centre of the country). The Croatian Adriatic Coast, with its 1185 islands, islets and reefs is considered to be one of the most impressive coastlines in Europe. Finding a satisfactory way to explore this ravishing two thousand kilometers coastline in one holiday is impossible! Croatia is blessed with truly most glorious coastline which has miraculously escaped the over-development of some other Mediterranean holiday destinations.
If you think life has become too hectic and commercialized regain your tranquility in Croatia. Relax in superb unspoiled scenery, bathe in unpolluted waters and enjoy the healthy range of locally sourced and naturally produced food. Welcome to Croatia!